#EpicMINIRally Finish Line

When the last car rolled out of the Cheeky Checkpoint, Melissa and I headed over to PTuning for the scoring and trophy ceremony. By the time we arrived most of the teams had as well!

Caravan of two to the finish line!

Caravan of two to the finish line!

Catalina was welcoming teams across the finish line. She’d strung up some paparazzi and checkered flags and was bouncing around with my silver pompoms so it was very exciting when we finally got there!

Catalina at the Finish Line

The perfect way to end a Rally! Thanks Catalina!

Most of the teams were inside PTuning enjoying some punch and pie.

punch and pie

Punch and pie

And minion pops (thanks PTuning!)

Minion Pops

Putting provided the MINIons!

They’d set up the scoreboard, though obviously nobody working the event had bothered to read my Run of Show or Whiteboard Mock Up… not that I’m bitter… much…

Team Man with Coffee’s fan club had arrived and were mingling with a good part of Team Rocket.

Kids playing at Finish Line

A car rally brings all the folks together!

There was a lot of excitement when the scoring finally began. We tried to list the teams in order of seniority to give our newest members the biggest advantage! Team DILLIGAF went first and promptly gave all of their extra bonus miles to Team OEM.

Ali as MC

Ali allowed each team to decide how to apply their mileage coupons, deducting them from their own scores or adding them to a competitors and by competitor apparently that meant Haemish!

Team OEM responded by giving the same number of miles back to Team DILLIGAF. That’s when our Ultimate Authority (Hilary, because who could argue with her, really?) stepped in. While she wanted to recognize the sheer depth of Team OEMs cheating, she also didn’t want him to have an unfair advantage by creating his own “golden ticket” mileage coupons. She decreed that he could keep half of the miles he’d accrued using his strategy to get the judges to bribe him and the other half would have to be used to benefit other teams! Genius!

The epic cheating by Team OEM backfires when the Ulitmate Authority stripped him of half his invented points and awarded them to other competitors!

The epic cheating by Team OEM backfires when the Ulitmate Authority stripped him of half his invented points and awarded them to other competitors!

Team OEM threw his penalty miles to the newbies and scoring continued. Team Coupe came out of nowhere (though clearly Haemish saw him coming a mile away) and racked up the bonus miles. Craig continued the trend of handing over extra miles to Team OEM and then all the other teams joined in to pile on as well.

Team Lillith deciding where to spend their mileage coupons

Team Lillith deciding to put their extra miles… In Haemish’s column! Surprise!

As the official Marketing Subcommittee and primary event planners, Melissa and Ali and I took the privilege of awarding the final bonus miles. Ali gave miles to anyone wearing orange, and Melissa rewarded anyone who used a paper map and then it all came down to me…

Score Board

The final scores came down to me and my passionate commitment to extend the reach of the DC Metro MINIs beyond our own social networks… But wait, did someone actually hashtag #SherriRocks? Why yes they did! #Winning

I decided to reward anyone who had utilized social media to promote the event and began to ask who’d posted on social media channels and that’s when I learned about the #SherriRocks hashtag Team Dynamo had created… And used! I threw them thirty bonus miles, bumping them up to second place.

Team Dynamo takes second

Sorry I suck at the maths Team Dynamo! I should have given you 32 points. Let’s try again next year! #SherriWillStillRock

After the final scores were tallied, Team Britt pulled out the victory (Homies!)

Team Britt takes first place

Team Britt celebrating their well deserved victory, though not with Jack in the Box tacos like they deserve. But at least we had pie and punch!

My favorite Team Dynamo came in second (sob, sorry about my math skills, boys)… And somehow, no one really knows quite sure how, Craig Baron walked away with the third place prize.

Team Coupe takes third

Stealthy, quiet, you never see him coming until he sweeps away with your third place trophy… Team Coupe!

We didn’t have any pictures from the Shiny Checkpoint, but they did bring the art back to the finish line and before everyone left we showed them off!

I'd hang tis on my wall, Team Veloz.

I’d hang this on my wall, Team Veloz.


Way to capture the color, Team Ramrod


Love Team Rocket’s Youified MINI!


Guessing this is Team Max but it’s so MINI it is hard to tell!

After all the trophies were handed out, the punch and pie consumed, there was only one thing left to do…

Waiting for scores

Wrapping up the event and heading next door to the brewery for the first after party!

After party at the Brewery!

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The #EpicMINIRally Cheeky Checkpoint

Melissa and I had to haul ass to beat the teams headed to the Cheeky Checkpoint! When we arrived, we discovered there wasn’t much parking left. Who knew the Riverbend Park would be so popular on a hot summer day?


We put on our Cheeky Checkpoint shirts and set up our props quickly and just in time!

We moved a picnic table close to  the intersection of the parking lot and the boat ramp. We changed shirts, dumped out the props and staged our posters. Team Ramrod was the first to arrive and they choose to display the “Melissa and Sherri are the Coolest Chicks in #DCMETROMINIS” sign which was obviously worth more points.

Team Ramrod at the Cheeky Checkpoint

Team Ramrod was the first to arrive and is that Blue Steel Nick is throwing? Should have reviewed the footage, that would have earned extra miles!

After Team Ramrod left, Melissa and I had more time to rearrange our props and check out our selfie set up.


Checking our selfie set up.

Team Celia’s Dad rolled in next.


Team Celia’s Dad selected the most valuable poster. Wise man, excellent choice.

Then Team Roxie arrived and also made some wise choices.


Team Roxie chose super stylish hats to go with their stylish team uniforms.

Team Coupe pulled in and Craig opted for double hats and double signs.

Team Coupe at the Cheeky Checkpoint

Double mileage coupons for Team Coupe!

The teams were beginning to roll in faster and faster. In fact, they were rolling in faster than the parking lot could clear out.


Hey look, Team Man with Coffee selected the most valuable poster and the most valuable head wear! But the park ranger was right behind him.

Team Max arrived carrying an adorable kid and valuable loot to bribe the judges.


Melissa and I agreed that Team Max totally won the Cheeky Checkpoint Challenge with their excellent use of props, selection of the best poster and high quality bribes.

About that time the park rangers arrived. Thankfully they didn’t notice the bribes Team Max had left for us among all of our fun props.


Liquor and chocolate. Team Max paid attention to the clues and found the way to our hearts.

Team Lillith, Team Britt, and Team DILLIGAF showed up while we were being rousted.


Happy birthday to Valerie on Team Lillith! Oh wait, here come the park rangers…

The park rangers had arrived and were forcing us to move our station up the hill. They must have been delighted to arrive just as Team DILLIGAF pulled in with their blatant appeal to all the single ladies.


A man with treats! #ManWithCupcake

We begged the rangers to let us shoot a couple of selfies before we packed up.


Brandy the Team DILLIGAF driver also forgot her pants.

I think they just wanted to see some of the teams move along really, really quickly so they let us take a few more selfies.


A special treat for the us all when Corey from Team DILLIGAF posed with the only best poster and a sparkly tiara.

As Melissa and I frantically scrambled to stash the vodka and pack up our props, Team Britt arrived and kindly offered to help out.


Team Britt earned extra bonus miles for being so helpful. It was almost like having Craig Baron there!

As we moved, I also discovered they were from San Diego! We spent a bit of time discussing important things like Padres, Chargers, and burritos in a bag.

Team Britt at the Cheeky Checkpoint

Team Britt, my people! #GoPadres #GoChargers #BringMeABurritoInABag or an #InAndOutBurger

And then as they pulled out, Team Rocket pulled in.


Team Rocket chose both signs. And look at the park ranger photo bombing us and keeping a helpful eye on our traffic!

Team Veloz showed up and wisely chose the coolest sign.


Team Veloz picked the best poster. So smart!

The final teams all arrived at the same time. Team OEM came over first, though we considered penalizing them for taking pictures without us along the way.


Team OEM brought their own hats, too. We’d have taken off points for that but apparently it’s an exact replica of the one the Stig wears. Only blue.

And my favorite team, Team Dynamo showed up at the same time.

Team Dynamo at the Cheeky Checkpoint

Who says the judges can’t play favorites? #Sherrirocks amiright Team Dynamo?

Sadly, Team Dynamo, coming all the way from Richmond, was the farthest behind in terms of mileage. I was going to have to work really hard to help them come back from THAT!

Team OEM waited for everyone else to leave so nobody would witness the sneaky bribery that they’d planned. In addition to the personalized swag bags, they’d also brought a Golden Bag that would apparently be given to the judges who bribed THEM the most. Way to turn the tables, Haemish! (Sorry Susan, I realize you had little to do with his nefarious plot and only suffered from being in the wrong place at the wrong time!)


To sweeten the pot, Team OEM had a portable bar with chilled glasses and mixed us some ice cold drinks. Well played, Haemish, it was awful hot…

Melissa and I took a break to rehydrate.


It’s important to stay hydrated.

And then the sucking up continued while Haemish helped us load our props into our MINIs


Tasty cold beverages, worth a few extra mileage coupons, no?

When we finished we packed up and headed to the finish line to check on the scores and root for the teams…

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The First Annual #EpicMINIRally

The #EpicMINIRally was so epic, it’s taking an entire series of blog posts to document it all. This is the first in the series…

The excitement in the air was palpable at the starting line for the #EpicMINIRally. The first car to arrive was Team Ramrod.

Team Ramrod

Nick and Tyler arrived early and with their stickers already applied!

But it didn’t take long for everyone else to roll in. Team Dynamo had driven the farthest to join the fun, and clearly had a way with hashtags!


I hope my favorite team (Team Dynamo) comes to EVERY DC Metro MINIs event and always remembers to use the epic hashtag they created #sherrirocks

Team Roxie had made some amazing shirts.

Team Roxie Nice Shirts

Team Roxie had the best team uniform! Their team shirts incorporated their team name, the event name, and design on both front and back. I’ve always said it is attention to details that separates us from the animals.

Team Young and the Restless has a name crisis when the young half of the team bailed at the last-minute.

Team Man with Coffee

Team Young and the Restless was forced to change their name at the last-minute and became Team Man with Coffee. All of the judges were fine with this change.

Several teams modded their cars before they left.

Team Britt Applies Number

Team Britt applies their team number

And some teams took advantage of the body paint floating around to suck up a little to the judges.

Haemish sucking up hard

Team OEM sucks up hard!

Every team came prepared to win!


Team Celia’s Dad left his classic at home to drive his GP.

Everyone was thrilled to see Craig Baron had made it, especially Haemish.


Team Coupe, the sleeper Team but somehow Haemish had an instinct that Craig Baron would be tough competition.

And lots of DCMM members showed up for the meet and greet.

Sherm Arrives for Meet and Greet

Sherm came to to cheer the teams on as they left the starting line.

Catalina worked hard to get all the teams listed on the roster.

Catalina and Quitta at the Starting Line

Catalina signed up the drivers as Quitta, Mark and Alex watched.

When the trivia began, everyone moved into the #PassportAuto showroom to compete for mileage coupons.

Melissa and David Helmuth

Melissa had worked with David Hellmuth to coordinate the trivia contest.

Ali explained the rules. David asked the questions and teams who answered correctly were given mileage coupons that could be used to deduct mileage from their own scores or add mileage to other teams.


Ali was the Rally Master and official MC at both the start and the finish.

Melissa and I had to scoot out early to get the Cheeky Checkpoint ready to go but we saw Team Lillith and Team Max before we left.


Big crowd competing for valuable mileage coupons at the Passport MINI Starting Line!

We made it out of there and had to haul ass because Team Ramrod was the first to leave the starting line and according to Waze they were right behind us…

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Taking the Long Way Home

When I’d arrived in Costa Rica it was the dead of night. Oscar had done a great job driving me to the hotel but I couldn’t really appreciate it until I saw the actual road conditions on the ride home!

Jenni and I met in the hotel restaurant for our final breakfast and this time they had very fresh mango (my favorite!) It was pouring rain again (of course) but lucky for us, there was a van dropping someone off when we left and he gave us a ride to reception where we were going to meet our shuttle.

The shuttle arrived driven by the same driver who’d dropped Jenni off. Let’s call him Bill. Also, we were delighted to find Danielle on board. There was another guy but as soon as we started discussing our trip with Danielle, he slapped on his headphones and tuned us out.


Jenni and Danielle in the back of the van on the way to the airport. Notice Jenni is working again. I was too. It was a work trip!

We compared travel tales with Danielle, who actually hasn’t had much luck traveling with friends (After hearing Danielle’s stories I realized Jenni is SO lucky she has me!) Eventually our conversation tapered off and I started to pay more attention to the ride. It was foggy out so I couldn’t see much but I was enjoying the radio station playing a bunch of 80s hits like One Night in Bangkok and I’m So Excited.


Its a good thing i don’t get motion sickness. This is one of the many curves Bill took real fast on to tiny little one lane bridges. Seriously, it was no more than six feet across!

Much like the Tail of the Dragon, the road wound up and down with lots of short curves and also many single lane bridges. We were making good time, until we got stuck behind a few cars and a tour bus. The tour bus was crawling along and apparently Bill wasn’t enjoying that. He passed three cars and the tour bus on one of the longer curves. I’m fairly certain the view from the front of our mini van must have been way better than from my seat cause there’s no way in hell I would have passed four cars and a full size bus on a blind curve in the fog! Also, Bill was crossing so many yellow lines, I know some Mini club members who would have freaked the hell out! It took everything I had not to mutter under my breath, “stay in your lane, stay in your lane” but I didn’t want to be disrespectful since it’s his country and this is clearly how they do things here!


The bus full of Japanese tourists we passed in the fog on a blind curve.

We stopped halfway along our route so everyone could stretch their legs and purchase any snacks or souvenirs. Bill told us they had great coffee and then he went over to the bar to enjoy one. I bought the Pura Vida sign I’d regretted not buying earlier and some Cost Rica magnets for my sisters (surprise!)


Our van in front of the souvenir shop we visited on the way back to San Jose.

While we were there, the bus we’d passed earlier pulled in and totally blocked us and then dozens of Asian tourists piled out. We waited for the bus to leave. We had no choice really since it had totally blocked us. When they did we piled back in the van and took off. There were a lot of twisties but we were behind some slow SUVs and I guess Bill wasn’t in a hurry anymore since he didn’t try to pass them.


Riding in the van on the way back to San Jose was the first time I saw sunshine and blue skies in Costa Rica.

We pulled into San Ramon and passed some really busy schools.


Every school has a serious speed bump right before and after their driveways. All the cars practically stop. This school had lots of families going in and out. That’s family engagement!

Bill stopped at the bank to get some money for the tolls.


Hey, this is the same bank I use when I’m in Costa Rica!

When we got back on the road, we passed a McDonalds and Danielle asked if the McDonalds in Costa Rica serves rice and beans. They eat a lot of rice and beans in Costa Rica! Bill told us all the fast food restaurants serve rice and beans for breakfast like McDonalds, Burger King, and Subway. He said he eats rice and beans everyday. Danielle said after four days she was already sick of it but Bill said it can be prepared differently like with bell peppers or spices and some people eat rice and beans at every meal because they always make it so good! As we drove through Palmyra he told us they grow a lot of coffee there, mostly in the mountains.


City traffic in Costa Rica. There’s a guy in a wheelchair in an orange shirt just rolling down the street in the left hand lane. Other cars were weaving in and out and some guy was playing Fogger and crossing the street in and out of the moving cars. Very exciting!

When we arrived at the airport, we all parted ways.


Inside the terminal at the Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Jenni and I headed to the Delta counter to check in and check her bag and discovered we couldn’t leave the country until we’d paid the “departure tax”. It was $29 and they took cash (American or Costa Rican) and credit. That didn’t take long so we went back to the counter and dropped off Jenni’s bag. We made it through security pretty quick and spent the last of our colones.


No! You cannot leave the country unless you pay $29 USD!

We saw Danielle again as we were boarding but Jenni and I were up at the front of the plane. As soon as she sat down, Jenni whipped her computer out and started working agin. I waited until we were in mid-air to join in! We finished our last project just before they served us dinner.


Helping Jenni enjoy the first class!

Neither one of us wanted the pasta so we both chose the steak. It was a cheese and cream lovers delight! The salad had blue cheese dressing. There was a blue cheese sauce for the steak. And the desert was some sort of cake that had a creamy sauce and dried coconut. Jenni was able to cope since they served all of the sauces on the side. She even choked down most of her salad without any dressing (hardcore!)


Mmmmmmm! Cheesy and delicious!

Since I’d finished work so I turned on a new Hugh Grant movie, Rewrite. It was cute, but maybe that’s because Hugh Grant is so cute. Jenni continued to work while I laughed and cried and really enjoyed my movie. Right up until it was time to land. At that point I had about five minutes left and they began making announcements. Every time they spoke the movie stopped. After they finished speaking in English, they repeated everything in Spanish. It was a little tense but I finally finished. The final credits were rolling as we pulled up to the gate!

Both Jenni and I have Global Entry now, so we zipped through customs. Jenni had to pick up her bag and then drop it off again, so I was slightly ahead of her. I was very focused on getting to my plane on time (I only had an hour layover) which is probably why I didn’t even see James Earle Jones as he rolled right by me in a wheelchair. Jenni did!

We caught the plane train to our terminals. Jenni got off at A to catch her flight to Phoenix. I got off at T and then really hustled so I’d have time to pop into the Delta Sky Club before my flight left. That’s when I discovered I’d been delayed. They told me it would probably board around quarter after and not to go too far. I grabbed a whisky and ginger and a few carrot sticks and settled in to check my email. Suddenly a message popped up from my niece. She was supposed to pick me up and she wanted to know why every time she volunteered to do it I was delayed until after midnight. That was a surprise to me since I’d been told I’d be arriving at 11. I logged on to the Delta site to double-check and discovered I wasn’t leaving until 10:30 and I would be arriving after midnight.

I went to the gate agent to see if they could get me on the 9:00 flight. She said sure and rebooked me. Then I discovered they’d rebooked me in coach and that I wouldn’t be arriving until after midnight! 12:30!

Long day after a long weekend. Still totally worth it…

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Behind the Scenes at the First Annual #EpicMINIRally

It started out as such a simple plan. Ali had toyed for years with the idea of having a shortest distance rally. She’d even scouted a few locations. Others discouraged her. They said it couldn’t be done or it wouldn’t be fair. Then she mentioned it to Melissa and I during out Wifi Run at MOTD. We saw her vision and encouraged her to take a chance, we even volunteered to help her out.


The #EpicMINIRally was conceived late at night in the back of my MINI…

We began having weekly planning meetings. Did we have nice dinners? Cocktails? Good times? Sure there was all of that, but we also worked like dogs coming up with creative ideas like having challenges so that teams could earn mileage credits and refining the checkpoints.


We started our planning as soon as Ali, Melissa, and I returned from MOTD.

Before too long we’d recruited other members of the club to help. Laura offered to lead the other checkpoint and develop a challenge. Catalina volunteered to work the start and finish. Hilary succumbed to the pressure when we (nicely) asked her to help out at a checkpoint!


A planning meeting. You can’t see it, but my super cute “bonjour” sweater also scored me a glass of wine from the old man at the bar who appreciated how friendly I was.

I decided to finally put my MBA in Marketing to good use by launching a marketing campaign to recruit more drivers. The first concept was to brand the rally. All of our communications referred to the event as the #EpicMINIRally. Next, I launched an Instagram campaign that featured a picture of a different MINI every day with a reminder of the event and a link to the registration page. We were making steady progress when our friend Corey sent us an amusing MINI picture and Ali suggested that I use that for the countdown picture instead.


The countdown image that really turned a corner.

Then I decided to start tagging some of our sponsors. @Ptuning really embraced the spirit of the rally with lots of likes and tags!


One of the most popular Instagram Countdown pictures we posted. Thanks Italian Job!

We decided to meet and check out the park we’d decided to use as one of the checkpoints. We all attended the Kohls, Cars, and Coffee one morning and spent some quality time with some of our other members while we were there!


Talking up the #EpicMINIRally at the Kohls, Cars, and Coffee on a hot summer day.

It was such a nice day we decided to ride in my car. The original plan was to set up a checkpoint in Great Falls Park but we discovered there was a $10 per car fee and didn’t want to make our teams pay for a very short drive through the park. We drove around looking for another park. We found the perfect venue at Riverbend Park. Tragically, along the way, one small squirrel sacrificed his life by darting right under my tires as I crested the top of a twisty road. RIP Rocky, you’ll be missed!

Meanwhile our relentless schedule of planning meetings continued.


Melissa and I decided to spend an entire weekend preparing for our challenge. We sorted through my extensive hat and costume collection and worked long into the night crafting the perfect posters.


This is what happens when your tireless dedication runs out of steam, friends.

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Melissa’s Birthday Bash on the Eve of the #EpicMINIRally

The excitement about the #EpicMINIRally was palpable throughout the city. But maybe that was just me since I quit my job, refinanced my condo, picked up my new wheels and had them installed, shopped for more iron on letters, and picked up the birthday cake from Buzz Bakery before Melissa’s party even began. Whatever, we were all pretty excited when I arrived at Dice Burger that night!


Turns out I was wrong about having the most beautiful car in the world. Now, MY Precious is the most beautiful car in the world. Apologies to any cars that might have been slightly cuter before the daisy wheels.

Our crew secured a corner table and then pulled up a few more to seat the large crowd of DCMM members who were able to attend. We love going to Dice Burger because the food is delicious, they love to see the MINIs in their lot, everyone orders and pays for their own at the counter so there’s never a problem waiting for the bill splitting, and they let you roll some dice to earn free burgers! This time Ali earned one which is great since we will have an excuse to visit again soon.


MINIs take the Dice Burger!

Jessie and I took advantage of our time together to discuss setting up some karaoke rehearsals to work out a few numbers before the next MINIs On The Dragon. Somehow that evolved into Rey and Jessie hosting some sort of karaoke cook out (and if you are reading this Rey we need to hammer out those details!)


DCMM members thinking about strategy at the #EpicMINIRally and you can already tell Haemish has something planned…

We had a few adult beverages and talked about strategies for earning mileage coupons at the #EpicMINIRAlly


Melissa in Lego form with her adult beverage.

Ali shared with us that she had cut way back on the Instagram porn in her feed, but @menandcoffee was still there (thank God!)


Yes, the porn is gone but the @menandcoffee remain. Whew!

Melissa began to Periscope and then I joined in and Catalina downloaded the app to give it a try as well. We were just in time since the Dice Burger staff brought out the cake!


Periscoping the birthday song so that Melissa’s Turkish fans could participate as well.

Though the cake was gluten-free, you couldn’t even tell! Ali was right, I didn’t miss the glutens at all, it was just delicious. And even more importantly, it was brown with delicate pink highlights, just like Melissa’s DOMO.


Where are the glutens? Who the hell cares? That cake was delicious!

Afterwards we headed out to the parking lot to check out the cars because MINIs…


Melissa modding DOMO with a “You Like This” sticker.

And Haemish took advantage of the time at an event without Craig Baron to try to score more #EpicMINIRally Mileage Coupons.


Haemish sucking up for more #EpicMINIRally Mileage Coupons or admiring my new wheels? Probably both!

Ali, Melissa, and I wished everyone well as we headed over to my place to work on our #EpicMINIRally wear.


Letting Fluffy in the caravan because I don’t judge… Well, at least it’s not a Camry, right?

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Stormy Skies and Heavy Seas

Former DC Metro MINI president Laura Dunlop for sure knows her way around some craft beers. That’s why, whenever she sets up a happy hour it is in our best interest to attend! When I arrived at the Heavy Seas Alehouse in Reston, Laura and Michael were already there. They’d secured a prime table just inside the bar and overlooking the area where I’d lucked into a killer parking spot.

We ordered a few appetizers and some delicious brews and then spent some time catching up. Before too long Ali showed up. I guess that the table next to us was just waiting until a terribly talented professional photographer to arrive because as soon as she sat down they asked her to take their picture.


Ali captures a photo while demonstrating how to position your chin.

We talked a bit about the club picnic and then Craig Baron and Haemish arrived and the fun really began! Ali decided to go ahead and award Haemish the mileage coupon he’d earned (for correctly guessing that the post Ali had shared on Facebook was Melissa installing her sway bar).


The valuable mileage tickets that the #EpicMINIRally drivers were desperate to obtain!

Then we awarded Craig some mileage as well. I don’t remember what he earned it for, but it had to have been for doing something helpful.


For the record, Craig Baron is undisputedly the most helpful person ever.

Haemish began trying to earn more coupons as well in what was quickly escalating into a competition around who could be the most helpful or appreciative. Truly all of the judges were winning this contest!


Oh look, Haemish liked my Daily Toggle blog post and earned a few extra miles!

Beau and Betsy arrived!


Beau and Betsy arrived just in time to discuss Ali’s little Instagram porn problem.

And then we spent a lot of time talking about Instagram and how to get all of the porn out of Ali’s feed!


Instagram porn? Ali is not a fan! Which is why we struggled to understand how so much of it turned up in her feed!

By the end of the evening the storm was passing. Ali grabbed her umbrella and escorted me out. Just a couple of days left until our next Happy Hour adventure!


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