Making a C3M Cupcake Run

I am a member of many MINI clubs because I’m an all or nothing kind of girl I love hanging out with other MINIacs any chance I get! I’d joined the C3M (Central Maryland MINI Motorists) club right after I discovered how much fun MINI clubs were. I have no idea why I haven’t participated in any of the C3M events until now, big mistake!

My friend Will, who is much more active in C3M, suggested that I attend the second annual Cupcake Run and mentioned there’d be clings. Everyone knows how I feel about stickers and clings! Sadly, work sometimes gets in the way and after I signed up I learned I had to fly to Cincinnati that afternoon. I refused to let that stop me!

I got up super early since they were meeting up in Elkridge, MD (and we might as well just call that Baltimore). It was a beautiful 45 minute drive away from my house and the weather was glorious. I put the top down and rolled out a little after 8 because I had dirty wheels.

I stopped to fill up my tank and roll through a car wash and then, because I am now obsessive about having clean wheels, I found myself on my hands and knees in a gas station parking lot rubbing off residual brake dusk and polishing my daisies. Those of you who know me can really appreciate how far I’ve come…

All my hard work paid off when I rolled into the parking lot and found a spot right next to Craig Baron! Of course his car was shiny, especially his new exhaust!


Craig rigged up his GoPro to capture the sounds of his new exhaust and since I was two cars back, I can testify it sounds fantastic! If you haven’t followed his YouTube Channel yet, you should! I’m sure this video will be up soon.

I found Will dealing in clings so I got mine right away!


If any of you are jonesing for a cupcake cling, I know a guy…

And naturally I applied it immediately.


I just got it, I’ve gotta showcase it!

There’s a reason this was called a cupcake run, because cupcakes! The run started at Kupcakes & Co and lots of people took advantage of the location to score some delicious treats!


I didn’t join the run for the cupcakes. Also, the line was really intimidating so I stayed in the parking lot admiring MINIs!

I saw lots of friends and chatted with Mike Pumphrey and his lovely family about our adventures at #minionthemack2015. I also wandered around the parking lot looking at MINIs.


A beautiful sight!

And Minis!


This was one of two classic Minis attending the Cupcake Run.

Eventually it was time to have the drivers meeting.


Everyone gathered so Jason could go over the route.

The first stop was in Frederick, MD where motorers could acquire their cupcakes at the Frederick Coffee Company & Cafe, Stone Hearth Bakery, or Frederick Fudge & Ice Cream Co. The run would end at the Washingtonian Center in Gaithersburg where cupcakes were available at Lily Magilly’s Cupcakery. I was going to drop out when they got to Frederick so I would have enough time to make it back to National Airport before my 3:45 flight.


The first group lining up to roll out!

I was at least 10 or 12 cars back and I think there were about 20 in our group altogether.


Lisa and Mike were among the MINIs behind me!

The drive was super fun with beautiful countryside and a few random twisties along the way.


Even with a car between us I could still hear Craig Baron’s new exhaust. Sounded terrific!

I even managed to capture a bit of video because my new phone holder is awesome and somehow I seem to have figured out how to keep it from twisting sideways when it gets a bit top heavy.

I was having such a great time, I hated to leave!


I was rocking hard during this stretch. It’s a shame there’s no sound!

Eventually all good things must end and as we neared Frederick I saw a sign that would lead me back to the freeway. I said my goodbyes to the group on the radio (and warned the MINIs behind me not to follow unless they wanted to come to Cincinnati as well) and peeled off.

I was bitterly regretting my decision not to indulge in a cupcake or two by the time I arrived and parked at the airport.


Delta Sky Club carrot sticks and chicken salad not as good as a fresh cupcake. At all.

The worst part of my entire day wasn’t that the “food” in the sky club is pretty lame or even that my flight was delayed an hour and I could have stayed with C3M longer. It was this…


I guess it could be worse. It could be a Camry

And as I drove my Ford Focus down the Ronald Reagan Highway, I was comforted by the fact that at least I could indulge in a few Jack in the Box tacos and C3M would be having another run very, very soon!

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Bon Voyage Corey Brown

It breaks my heart to think about Corey Brown moving to Japan for two years, so what what else could we do but send him off with a bon voyage happy hour?

It was a great turnout. Melissa and I arrived first. She’d already secured our favorite table near the bar.


Waiting for Corey

While we were waiting Nick sent us a photo. I guess so we’d recognize him when he arrived.


So dapper!

Corey, Brandy, and Caylee came in next. Not only were we celebrating Corey, it was Caylee Brown’s thirteenth birthday!


Happy birthday, Caylee!

Brian and Stephanie came in and Nick  and Craig Baron finally arrived.


That end of the table must have been talking about something terribly interesting!

Hilary and Ali also joined the fun.


Hilary also brought the new club shirts for those of us who’d ordered them!

We enjoyed a lovely dinner and then everyone sang happy birthday to Caylee!


Caylee scored a happy birthday pop tart!

As we were wrapping up and preparing to leave Alex arrived! He walked us out


One of our favorite happy hour spots!

Along the way we stopped for our obligatory Target selfie.


It’s become a tradition at this point. And you’d be surprised at the number of random people who stop and offer to take your selfie for you!

We’d all parked in the same area of the Target parking garage and as we were approaching our cars, we discovered there was a Camry in our midst.


Wait, what is that, a Camry?!?

Alex pretended to kick the Camry’s bumper as he walked past and that’s when we noticed the small Asian lady the car belonged to was walking with us!


This is not the actual kick, but a dramatic recreation of the moment when Alex kicked the Camry. No MINIs were harmed in the recreation of that incident.

Hilary passed out the club shirts, we said our goodbyes and we all left with the bittersweet memory of another fun evening out with Corey Brown.


A representation of how we feel about Corey leaving. We’ve all enjoyed the pop tart and now we are left with the sad little sprinkles that fell off along the way…

Thank you for your service, Corey Brown. We’ll miss seeing your cheerful little face and chuckling at your wacky antics at our club events until you return in 2017!


Corey Brown



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Exploring the UP

After all of the excitement of the #minionthemack2015 we decided to skip the music festival and find some fun of our own! Anyways, it was some sort of Jimmy Buffet tribute band and that’s not really my genre. Since Ali, Mark, Alex, German and Krystal had gone over to the island, the rest of us decided to hang out. We dropped off Melissa’s car at the hotel and she climbed into My Precious. Rey had some time to kill before church so he followed us to the world famous Mystery Spot.


It’s terribly mysterious

So we bought our tickets and waited for our turn to go in and see what was so mysterious.


We had some time to kill so we visited the Bargain Shack, because why not?

The Mystery Spot has a crooked building and when you go in everything is slanted. They take you through a couple of rooms and make you (well, really it was just Rey and some random children) do simple tasks like try to walk on a board that’s on an incline and get out of a chair that’s tipped back.


Rey had a much easier time with this task. He couldn’t get out of the chair at all!

We had a bit more time before Rey had to leave us so we decided to double back to the Deer Park for some selfies with the giant deer.


Giant running deer! I love the art in Michigan!

Rey took off to catch mass and Melissa, Brandy and I decided to pop into Suzy’s Pasties because we thought that would be an excellent photo opportunity and none of us really knew what a pastie was! Along the way we stopped for a photo shoot at an overlook with an excellent view of the Mackinac Bridge.


Melissa taking a picture of me taking a picture!

The pastie shop was actually great fun! There was a kid working the register. We ordered one of each (for our photo shoot) and learned that pasties are like meat turnovers (except for Brandy’s which was the veggie version, I was not a fan). Suzy came out to help with the order and told us we were mispronouncing “pastie” though we were kind of enjoying the joke! She had an excellent selection of Yooper postcards so we got one of those as well. Then we took our pasties out for some photo fun.


Mmmmm delicious! Well not the veggie one so much…

Some guy passing by told Melissa they were supposed to be dipped in gravy but none of us liked gravy had the patience for that.


Melissa found some creative uses for her pasties!

We had a lot of time to kill before Rey got out of church so we decided to head towards Castle Rock where we were going to meet him in case there was anything to do over there. Along the way we stopped to take a picture with the local moose since Brandy had not had any luck spotting one anywhere else!


One of the local Yoopers stopped and suggested that we take pictures punching the moose so we could tell everyone “we hit a moose”. Really, I love these people!

But trying to break records is hard work and it’s important to stay hydrated so we stopped at a cantina on the way for some adult beverages.


Sadly, they’d run out of the cherry one I wanted, but the three different flavors we all got were still delicious!

When we were fully refreshed we decided to head back to Castle Rock and wait for Rey. Then we drove by a deserted Victorian Village and discovered that and the adjacent putt putt course were for sale! We stopped to explore in case this was a potential goldmine business opportunity.


Brandy and I called dibs on the end units and Melissa claimed the brick one because it would have less upkeep which was fine since mine had the lovely deck overlooking the lake and Melissa needs to free up some time to help me with the upkeep.

Nobody else seemed to care that the putt putt course had some no trespassing signs and there was a cop car parked across the street at the American Legion hall so we ducked under the cobwebs and climbed over the rope to explore.


If any of the local law enforcement are reading this, we were considering purchasing this place, I swear!

Rey called and said mass was over and he was on his way so we got back on the road and all of us went to Castle Rock. Because the locals love the MINIs, we got in for free! We stopped to check out the souvenirs on the way.


I’m still kinda sad Brandy didn’t buy this hat, but I guess it would have been too hard to wear it home and we really didn’t have a ton of room after all the souvenirs I’d purchased!

Castle Rock has nothing to do with castles, my friends. It’s just a big piece of rock that is really fucking high and has a lot of fucking stairs to get there! I mean it! I live in a fourth floor walk up and try to avoid stairs if possible since I get to climb them so much at home.


Just like the stairway to heaven. Literally. I mean it felt like we climbed that high.

Totally worth the climb when we got to the top and saw the view!


I think you can see TWO great lakes from up there!

On the way back down we strayed from the path for a few photos.


That’s right, we take chances. Really, someone could have gotten a very large splinter from those old boards!

We also stopped to check out Paul Bunyan which was actually the reason we’d stopped at Castle Rock in the first place.


The giant Paul Bunyan statue wasn’t as giant as I’d hoped but still great fun to visit!

Rey was hungry and wanted to go get some dinner so we bout a few trinkets and headed out the door. As we walked out we ran into a family posing for pictures with My Precious. I stopped to talk with them.


They traveled all the way from London Ontario to join the #minionthemack2015. Lovely family!

We decided to go to Bob’s Big Boy because of the amount of fun we’d imagine we would be having with the giant statues out front but it turned out we had the nicest waitress in the world, delicious food, and even more fun once we went inside!


It’s a damn shame every town doesn’t have a Bob’s Big Boy but then I guess it wouldn’t be as special.

It was starting to get dark and since we were so close to the North Pole or something it must have been close to midnight or something. We headed to the gas station to fill up for our journey home and then back to the hotel. But did we let the fun end there? No, my friends, we did not! We parked our cars and walked next door to the Souvenir Barn. While everyone else was shopping, I took a trip to the rooftop viewing platform to catch a sunset picture (which I’m sure my friend Hilary can appreciate!)


The perfect way to wrap up my first #minionthemack

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Breaking Records is Hard Work, Friends! Part 3

After we rolled slowly through St Ignace, we pulled into the Little Bear Arena parking lot. Ali, Melissa, and I got sent one way but Rey and Alex were sent another. It worked out well for me, since I was in the front of a row and ended up right under a shady tree.


The shade of it all!

We walked over to the tent to get some lunch. but ate really quickly since cars were still rolling in and we didn’t want to miss anything!


This MINI had team spirit!

There were some excellent MINIs and they kept rolling in!


Need to show this pepper white design to Jenni who has a blank slate to work with!

Brandy, Melissa and I walked through the parking lot to check out more of the cars.


This MINI loves America!

And we even saw some old friends!


Charlotte got a spider!

It was hot and we heard some rumors that we hadn’t broken the record but there wouldn’t be any announcements until after 2. Ali, Mark and Alex found Krystal and German and they all took off for the island. The rest of us wandered over to My Precious to wait it out in the shade. That’s when we discovered a steady stream of visitors checking her out!


Jeneen stopped by and when she told me she painted her nails to match her MINI I had to call Brandy over since she painted HER nails to match my MINI! Jeneen and I are Instagram friends now, because she’s cool.

We even got to meet a pin-up star and on her birthday, no less!


My new favorite pin-up star Holly Rose (also a new Instagram friend) celebrated her birthday with a super cute outfit and a trip to the MINI on the Mack. She wins!

And some of the new friends we made on our ride up dropped in to chat for a while as well!


Just hanging out with friends on a beautiful day with beautiful cars. No big deal!

Finally we were thinking about leaving to hear the announcements but got slightly delayed when the camera crew showed up.


Of course there was time to chat with the press! There’s always time to chat with the press!

We headed back over to where people were beginning to gather. They called out the raffle tickets first.


I didn’t have any winners, but I did get to look at Rey’s hair some more…

Finally they broke the news. No world record that day, my friends. Our parade had 1,319 MINIs, only 132 of the 1,451 we needed to smash the record…


So the good news is we get to come back in two years…

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Breaking Records is Hard Work, Friends! Part 2


Melissa, Rey and Alex preparing to pull out behind My Precious. I was right behind Ali so I had the best view of the #DCMM Banner!

We still didn’t know how many MINIs were present for our attempt to smash the record set by the London & Surry MINI Owners Club. We were hoping there were 1,415 but the moment we pulled out of the Gravel Pit none of it mattered!


Photo credit to @danmannes on Instagram for capturing this epic shot as the cars rolled out! My Precious is on the left side, third row back, 13 from the road!

Frankly, my primary concern was how we were going to catch the banner if the one length of twine securing it to Ali’s car snapped and it came flying back at us!

Also, we were worried about running into Ali while we were waving to the folks on the side of the road and paying less attention to how often the cars ahead of us were slamming on their brakes. And by we, I mean Brandy, who learned pretty quick that anytime she heard me say, “oh shit!” a quick stop was coming and she needed to move her camera away from her face. I was happily waving to the fine folk from Mackinaw City, speeding up and then suddenly stopping.


Our route took us on a few different streets in town and then out to the freeway.

I am not auditory, so when we got on the freeway driving away from the bridge, I had a brief moment of panic. I just stayed in line and assumed someone up in the front had been paying closer attention!


Everyone was snapping pictures. In fact this one (and all the good ones in this post) were taken by my copilot Brandy Brown who is not only an entertaining passenger, she’s also a highly skilled photographer!

Eventually, we left the freeway and then got back on in the other direction.


I have no idea how far out we drove, but when we turned around and started heading towards the bridge, it was a constant stream of MINIs, as far as the eye could see!

Soon we came to a photographer on the side of the freeway with a sign that indicated the start of the parade route (in terms of meeting the requirements for Guinness).


Melissa clearly heard them announce the actual parade route for the record books was not on the actual bridge, but I missed that so Brandy and I kinda thought this was practice!

We were really confused when we found the end marker.


Really? That was it?

We had some concern that we hadn’t maintained the 2 car length distance during that stretch but that hardly seemed to matter when we suddenly stopped seeing MINIs and then 5 minutes later more appeared!

Eventually, we ended up on the bridge.


The Mackinac Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere and it is rickety as hell.

We passed through the toll plaza but our toll had been paid as a part of our registration, so we blew right through.


People were lined up to take pictures and wave to us before we even got off the bridge!

My very favorite part of the drive was rolling through town. Lots of town folk had pulled up chairs and were smiling and waving as we drove through.


Pulling into St Ignace on Michigan’s Upper Penninsula.

We pulled into Little Bear Arena to park, have lunch, and wait for the results of our efforts to smash the world record!


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Breaking Records is Hard Work, Friends!

The #minionthemack2015 was the second attempt to break the world record for number of MINIs in a parade. The record was actually set by the London & Surry Mini Owners Club in the UK. Everyone was on pins and needles in the days leading up to our attempt because we didn’t quite have enough cars registered but everyone hoped for a last-minute rush. I wanted to get there super early so we could be near the front of the line and I’d have time to look at the beautiful MINIs. I believe at one point I mentioned blogging while we waited haha cause I had no idea how much fun we would have waiting for the rally to even start! Brandy, Melissa and I got up well before 6 and met Alex, Rey, Mark and Ali as we all had the same idea!


Crossing the Big Mack as the sun was rising! Or is that just my  halo? You decide!

The cars were being staged in the ‘gravel pit” which thankfully was just a grassy field and not a pit of rocks out to crack my new wind shield! When we pulled in, I got lucky and ended up right behind Lexi Niswander and Yvonne Brantley.


It was great fun to park behind Lexi and Yvonne. MINIs really are the only cars that come standard with friends!

We wandered over to the registration area to see if we could get an updated count, but they weren’t saying much. They did have donuts and coffee though! Afterwards, Melissa pulled out the club banner, some twine, and her handy pocket knife and we attached it to the car Ali was driving.


DCMM Banner was not secured on the bottom half and since it rolled right in front of me, it looked a bit like Superman’s cape as we drove.

Then we all wandered around to look at the beautiful MINIs.


One of my favorites! I love how the checkers are flying off because it’s probably usually going really fast!

And interesting copilots!


“Take me to your dealer?”

As I made it back up to the stage, I ran into Melissa, Brandy, Alex and Rey so we decided to take a group selfie.


We even got Michelle and Sebastian into our shot. And just look at all those beautiful MINIs!

Afterwards I took some video of MINIs arriving…

Watching cars roll into #minionthemack2015

A video posted by Sherri Wilson (@sherriwilson) on

and Melissa, Alex and Brandy captured a few more shots.


Really hitting home how badly I need some red Chucks right now…

Ali and I met up and took a trip to the “ladies room”.


Didn’t even matter that I accidentally drank a gallon of decaf. I was wide awake and all pumped up on MINI enthusiasm and donuts!

I decided to try to capture a pano and climed into the back of My Precious so I could get some elevation.


Not as successful as I’d hoped. There were so many MINIs it was hard to take it all in!

Lucky for me, Lexi was blessed with an incredible sense of balance and an open sunroof and got some shots from a much higher angle!


Afraid of heights, my ass! Lexi was right at home on top of her MINI!

Suddenly, the event was beginning and I didn’t even notice that three hours had passed! The event organizers called up the police chief, a few mayors, other dignitaries, and went over the rules, the route, and yada yada yada. I’m not auditory but I did hear the part about no more than two car lengths between MINIs in order to count for the record books! They took some shots from the stage.


Raise your hands if you want to crush records!

Then we piled into our cars and started out engines!

To be continued…


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Preparing Ourselves to Break Records

When we woke up in Tory, the sky seemed impossibly blue with big puffy white clouds. Like the heavens were happy so many MINIs were gathering in one tiny corner of the midwest!


Powering up for the big day we had planned!

I’d wanted to leave at 8 AM but we detoured by Detroit Tuned and got a much later start than I’d hoped. Some of our group decided to stop along the way for lunch, but Brandy and I decided to push on so we’d have time to explore the island. Melissa and German and Krystal fell in behind us as well. Along the way we stopped at a rest area and met Charlotte, also on her way to #minionthemack2015!


Charlotte has webs! Get it? I love a car with a theme!

We rolled into town and went right to registration. I parked next to Celia’s dad, though I never actually saw him there. There was a short line for the check in so we quickly got our packets and Melissa, Brandy and I headed out to find a car wash.

After the car wash we made a practice run across the bridge (our Super 8 hotel was on the other side).


Melissa captured my boot crossing the Mack for the first time!

We checked into our room and relaxed for a while until the rest of the DCMM crew arrived. Alex and Rey decided to join us on a ferry ride to Mackinac Island.


We sat on the top deck so we could enjoy the lovely weather.

It was a glorious day to ride the boat and we traveled through TWO great lakes to get to the island!


The ferry was a hydro jet and a giant plume of water sprayed out behind us! Very exciting!

The boat ride was even more fun when we met the Windles. They were sitting right in front of us. They were from the area but were actually in the middle of a move from the NOVA area to CO (we are going to miss you Windle family!) They’d popped up to MI to visit their family along the way!



The island itself was adorable.


I’d happily live here and embrace the island life, but they don’t allow cars and you know how much I love My Precious!

We found out Jim and Jennifer Carman were on the island playing putt putt so we walked down to say hello.


A beautiful day for a stroll!

There weren’t any plastic animals or buildings so the putt putt looked a little disappointing.


Not your typical putt putt. In fact, it was more like golf!

We decided to walk back to the shopping area. I was determined to buy some fudge since I’d heard people from Chicago make pilgrimages to the area just for the fudge (they call them fudgers, which we learned on our ride over).


We opted for the “original” fudge, even though the “best fudge in America” was across the street. After all, tradition!

We also picked up some beverages for our hotel room that evening.


It’s important to stay hydrated.

We wandered back over to the docks to catch the boat back.


We timed our return perfectly and were able to board one of the two boats that takes a quick detour UNDER the bridge!

When we boarded, we were near the end of the line. The upper deck had already filled up so we sat below. Luckily, the front rows were wide open and the door to the bow was ajar so we got a nice breeze.


Rey’s hair… So dreamy!

We all enjoyed watching Rey’s hair whipping in the breeze and when it started getting a little rough we also enjoyed watching the sea spray come in! Well, maybe not Brandy and Alex so much, since most of it seemed to land on them.

Afterwards, Alex went to check in to his hotel room and the rest of us decided to practice crossing the bridge again. Also we wanted desperately to visit Wienerlicious and it was on the other side.


Paying our toll and the toll for the car behind us because I like to buy some good karma.

Wienerlicious was delicious and the best part was the photo shoot afterwards.


Bonus points for crisp and delicious waffle fries drenched in cheese sauce. And also the giant wiener!

Melissa’s sister and her family were in town for the event so we drove down to their hotel to say hi. There were some great MINIs in their parking lot and we all walked down to the beach to hang out for a while. Afterwards, we made a quick stop at the IGA to buy some parking lot picnic supplies so we’d have some breakfast the next morning. We were going to try to make it to the gravel pit by 6:30 am because you need to get up early if you wanna break some records!

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