A Day in Montreal

Jenni and I didn’t have a lot of time in Montreal, but that wasn’t actually a problem for us since the weather was pretty miserable. We met for a quick breakfast so I could check Montreal bagels off my to do list.


Montreal is famous for their bagels. Apparently they cook them in a wood fired oven. I’m not sure of the difference between that and a New York bagel, but they were WAY better than the bagels in a bag you get in your typical grocery store.

It was a little chilly and very wet when we left the hotel so we decided to start our tour in the underground city. I’m not sure if that’s where we ended up when we told the concierge where we wanted to go, but we did make it underground and found a tremendous number of shops!


60 boutiques sounds impressive. There were actually 60 boutiques in just that wing! There were dozens of wings and two or three different floors, (that we found).

The first shop we stopped in was the Dollarama. They had umbrellas and we thought those would be a good investment. I also found some adorable red heart earmuffs.


Score! Super cute and only $3 Canadian which is probably like fifty cents in the US! Also, I think the red makes my new blue hair pop.

We stocked up on a few other essentials like candy and gum and then ventured out into the rest of the mall. There were a lot of shops and we wandered through them for a while but then we decided to utilize our new umbrellas and see more of the city.


Chinatown in Montreal

We wandered up and down a few streets and even stumbled across Chinatown and the red light district (which was much easier to find than Amsterdam, but a lot smaller and seedier!) We walked to the Notre Dame Basilica from there.


My selfie of Jenni’s selfie in front of Notre Dame.

Notre Dame Basilica was just as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside and only cost $5 for a tour.


Hard to take a shot without tourists, we were everywhere!

It was getting late and we were hungry so we walked to a small cafe down the street.


Very french cafe with rickety little chairs, pots of red flowers on every table and escargot (which were delicious!)

After lunch we felt refreshed and decided to shop for a few souvenirs.


Saint Paul Street was full of cute little souvenir shops.

As the day wore on, we decided to head back to the hotel to dry out and take advantage of the dozens of free drink tickets we’d acquired when we checked in.


The old city in Montreal is charming but we were cold and wet!

We went to our rooms to dry out and then met in the bar for happy hour.


Table service was slow so I quickly realized it would be necessary to order two drinks at a time!

The bartenders were swamped so we sat at a table and waited for the waiter to come over. It took so long we decided to order our drinks two at a time. Thankfully, Jenni doesn’t drink so I could order one for me and one for “her”. I started with a Bloody Mary because it’s a healthy choice. Sadly, their version involved a TON of tomato juice and a few tablespoons of tabasco. I choked one down but the next time we caught the waiters eye I switched to red wine instead. It wasn’t much better, but the more I drank the better it got!

We’d booked a ghost tour for that evening and had to walk to the ticket office to meet our guide. By the time we left the Doubletree, it was really raining hard and the temperature had dropped even more.


Look at how perky our umbrellas were! Mine even said Canada which seemed like it would make a great souvenir to take home!

We’d been told to meet our guide at the Place Royal, which was the first town square of Montreal. There were at least 50 other tourists huddled under their own umbrellas waiting as well. They’d divided us into three groups. When our guide arrived, our group followed her down an alley to another street.


Our tour guide was entertaining and looked creepy enough.

There were some rude American girls who were giggling and heckling the tour guide as she began telling her stories. The first story was about a hanging or something. I’m not sure because the rude American girls were all crowding around the tour guide and had positioned their umbrellas so that nobody could see past them or hear what was going on. Suddenly, we took off walking again and trudged through huge puddles hidden by cobblestones in dark alleys. When she stopped to tell another story we began to realize that her stories were random and had nothing to do with were we were standing. Then we started to wonder why we were walking in circles in the pouring rain.


Heavy winds were causing our umbrellas to fail!

We walked around a bit more but to be honest, Jenni and I weren’t having a ton of fun. We just kept getting wetter and colder and wetter and colder and finally I suggested we sneak away and head back to our hotel so I could try to drown myself in my jacuzzi tub!


It was a long, cold walk but my unfailing sense of direction led us right to the Embassy Suites! The first thing we did when we walked in the door was cram those poor broken umbrellas in the trash can!

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And This is Why I Work so Hard to Maintain My Status

I had back to back business trips and didn’t see the point in going all the way home in between so I invited Jenni to join me for a weekend in Montreal. I didn’t have time to fly all the way to Paris, but it’s a French speaking town so it seemed like the next best thing!

When our training was over on Thursday, everyone else left town but there weren’t any flights to Montreal that late so I spent the night at the Des Moines Doubletree. It’s an interesting hotel with an Italian steakhouse and really beautiful Asian art throughout the lobby. I’d chipped a nail so the woman checking me offered to have the shuttle driver run me over to Walgreens for some polish. Super helpful! I decided to make it a spa night and got a hair mask as well. When I got back and went up to my room I discovered they’d upgraded me to the corner suite. It had a separate area with a giant couch and TV.


TV area of my spacious Doubletree suite.

I’ve ordered plenty of room service, so I was understandably nervous when I ordered and she pronounced everything “eye-talian” but the pasta dish with olives, tomatoes, and feta was actually one of the most delicious eye-talian dishes I’ve ever had! My entire stay was fabulous and I am currently thinking of more projects I can do in Iowa just so I can return to that Doubletree!


Not a lot to do at the Des Moines International Airport, but at least it’s easy to find your gate!

I had an afternoon flight from DSM to MSP and from there to Montreal. I was upgraded to first class and spent the short time working on emails and knocking back spicy Bloody Marys. It didn’t take long to reach Canada, but then time flies when you are having a really good time, no?


I’m all work, work, work!

Making my way through customs was problematic. First, I apparently arrived during rush hour. There were literally hundreds of people ahead of me in line. I waited my turn until I got to the front and discovered they had about 50 kiosks. That is when I realized the flight attendants hadn’t passed out any declaration cards and I was unprepared. There weren’t a lot of people working so I wandered around through the crowd looking for the cards. I found them and then found a pen and quickly filled one out. I went to another kiosk to try again. That didn’t work. I tried over and over but it refused to accept my card. I walked around looking for someone who was working there and when I finally found one he said, “pink ink is unacceptable” and walked away. I went back to the declaration card table and dug around in my bag for another pen. The only other one I had was purple but I decided to give it a shot. I returned to the kiosk and this time it worked. Then I took my receipt and got back in line to exit. The line moved pretty slowly and when I got to the front they took my receipt and said “thanks” and that was it! No one even looked at my passport, let alone stamped it. I’m puzzled by the whole process!

FullSizeRender (2)

Totally worth the two-hour process to get out of the airport when I got to my hotel!

Since it had taken over an hour to make it through the customs process, I found my bag waiting for me when I emerged. I picked it up and hit up the ATM before getting to the taxi stand. That involved another 15 minute wait but eventually I got a cab and made it to the hotel.

The front desk staff were super friendly. They told me they were really happy to see me and had upgraded my room to the Presidential Suite. They said I’d missed happy hour but that they were going to give me all the drink tickets so I could make up for it tomorrow night. I asked if they had a map of the old city and almost before I finished saying it, the concierge was behind me with a map in his hand.


I like cocktails and I love happy hour, but even I couldn’t drink this much.

I lugged my bags up to my suite. When they called it the Presidential Suite, they weren’t kidding! The hallway opens up to the bathroom with a separate shower and a jacuzzi tub. The bedroom had a separate seating area with a fireplace and large TV. The living room has a full kitchen, a bar, and a dining table that seats six. There’s also a sectional couch with chaise lounge, another fireplace, and a desk in the living room.


Really, it’s as big as my condo and it has twice as many fireplaces!

It was late and I hadn’t had any dinner so I ordered some Canadian food.


Smoked meat sandwich. Two thumbs up! Already I like Canadian food and I haven’t even gotten to any of the maple syrup treats.

After a soak in the jacuzzi I wrapped up in the plush robe they left me and curled up in front of the fireplace to wait for Jenni (though I apparently slept through her arrival, texts, and phone calls!)


The view from one of my bedroom windows. Bonjour Montreal!

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36 Hours in Canada

Because it didn’t make any sense to go all the way home when I had to be in Iowa on Friday and New York City on Sunday…

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 4.56.12 PM


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My Seven State Marathon

I had a hard time sleeping so I woke well before my alarm. I wanted to make it to York Beach in Maine before six am so I left early but took the long way thinking there might be twisties.

Driving to sunrise in Maine

It was dark, and early, and slightly chilly. So. Much. Fun.

There weren’t, it was longer because I was driving through neighborhoods instead of the freeway, but I had the top down and the radio up so I didn’t mind. I pulled into York Beach about 5:45 and there was plenty of parking. Before too long, others arrived but we all just staked out a spot and waited for the magic moment.

Sunrise in Maine

Watching the sun come up over a rocky beach in Maine.

The sunrise was glorious. I moved a little farther down and discovered and actual sandy beach, which seemed like another great spot for a photo op.

My Precious at sunrise in Maine

One of the best sunrises I have ever seen!

I’d hoped to find a local Maine diner that served some sort of lobster dish for breakfast, but once again it was too early (story of my life, amiright Jenni Brasington?) So I stopped into the Bagel Basket and got a bagel and a giant coffee.

Bagel Basket

Charming little bagel shop in York, ME. I highly recommend!

They had some comfy chairs out front with a lovely view.

My Precious at the Bagel Basket

My Precious at the Bagel Basket. The locals loved her!

While I enjoyed my very early breakfast, local citizens kept walking in and stopping to ask about My Precious. Lots of positive feedback in Maine. Those people have great taste!

I took the long way to Salem because I knew nothing opened until 10 and it was only 7:30. Even then, I arrived by 8:30 and had to kill some time until the Witch Museum opened. I walked up and down the streets and did a bit of window shopping.


Girl squirrel underpants?

Then I sat in a cafe and had a crepe and more coffee to pass the time. Finally, things started to open so I walked back to the museum by way of the graveyard.


Creepy, no?

On my way back I passed the Bewitched monument.

Bewitched monument

I respect how well this town has embraced their theme. I’d live here!

Then rounded the corner and saw the Witch Museum.

Salem Witch Museum

Salem Witch Museum

For $10 you get a ticket into what appears to be a former church. The room is dark and everyone sat on one side. When the doors closed a deep voice began narrating the story of the Salem Witch Trials and various creepy wax figures in different tableaus around the room. They lit up as the creepy narrator told the story. It was much quicker than that production of The Crucible we did back at Churchland High (go Truckers!).

Salem Witch Museum tableau

The wax figures were kind of terrifying and in this scene, they are pressing a man to death. The creepy narrator’s voice might haunt me… “more weight… more weight…” AGH!

I was worried about having enough time to visit Newport, and the time I spent waiting for the Witch Museum to open really put me behind schedule so I decided to skip Plymouth Rock and take the most direct route to Newport. I made great time while I was on the freeway, but the freeway ends well before you actually get to Newport. Also, Newport is a VERY popular destination!

Newport Polo Cleaners

Newport so fancy they’ve got cleaners for their polo equipment!

Once I pulled into town, traffic moved very slowly. There were stop signs on just about every block, lots of pedestrians crossing streets, and billions of cars! Totally worth it when I found The Breakers though. I scored a shady spot in the lot across from the house. After all that traffic, I was looking forward to getting out and walking around for a bit.The gates reminded me of some of the palaces and castles I’ve visited in Europe.

The Breakers gate

I’d probably like my condo association a lot more if they considered installing something like that instead of resealing our stupid parking lot!

The inside was magnificent. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures on the inside, but if you visit their link you can see what I mean! The most impressive part, for me, was that their chandeliers had crowns! I haven’t seen such magnificent chandeliers since I toured the Waterford factory in Ireland. I collect crowns and I adore chandeliers and if the ceiling in my condo was just 10 or 12 feet taller, I’d shop for one of those…

The Breakers back porch

A view from the back porch on The Breakers

I took a short walk through the garden as well. While the interior definitely gives Versailles a run for its money, Versailles wins hands down when it comes to the yard. That being said, the view of the ocean is magnificent and I can see why they wouldn’t spend a lot of time on trying to compete!

The Breakers side view

The exterior of The Breakers, side view

It was getting late in the day and I still had to make it to New Jersey so I decided to skip a walk on the cliff walk and push on. It took forever to get out of town, though the rest of Rhode Island was pretty quick and I passed a ton of MINIs which is always fun! Then I got to Connecticut.

Connecticut seemed to take forever! It was endless! I got tired of my playlist and decided to stop at a Sonic for some iced tea and to get out and stretch. The driver in the car on my right got out and came over to admire My Precious because she loved the Tolkien quote. The kids from the mini van on the other side of her came over because the kids liked the flowers and wanted to take pictures. The driver on my left got out and came over because he liked the license plate. The car hop stopped by to chat because he liked my new blue hair. Connecticut is a fun state!

When I got back on the road I learned an important lesson about driving in CT. While their freeway was incredibly beautiful with shady trees and exciting curves, they don’t really care much for merging lanes. In fact, in many places they don’t even exist. There’s literally a stop sign and then boom, you are on the freeway! I can’t imagine the impact that has on rush hour. I’ve also learned on this trip that people from Massachusetts don’t give a shit about your posted speed limit signs and if you want to drive fast just wait until one of them passes you and then jump out behind them! Luckily, they are all over the Northeast so I made great time to New York.

When I got to New York I realized that Stephen Colbert had routed me through the city, (thanks Waze). I had never really planned to drive My Precious through the city because it looks really intense and I’ve seen movies, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d imagined! I crossed the George Washington Bridge, which was kind of exciting, and then suddenly  I was in New Jersey!

I’d booked a room at the Hilton Meadowlands. I was on the 20th floor with a view of the city if you stood in the right place and pressed your head against the window. At the end of the day it had been 7 states, 397 miles, and 15 hours. Time for a cocktail!


Good night New Jersey!

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My Love Affair with Vermont

I don’t think of the first day of my road trip as the first day of my road trip. It was really more about staging myself in New Jersey to get a head start on my first day of adventures. I had a really long list of things I wanted to see or do, so I drove up to Bridgewater, NJ. There wasn’t much memorable about that drive, since it was all freeway and Labor Day Weekend traffic, but I had an awesome playlist and I’m driving a topless MINI, so I totally enjoyed it! I checked into the Hilton Garden Inn and called it a night.

I got up early to get an early start. After a quick breakfast with some horrible coffee, I went out and loaded up My Precious.


My Precious stands out in a sea of SUVs.

The coffee at the Hilton Garden Inn was really terrible! I had to stop at the first Starbucks I found to power up with some delicious cold brew.

FullSizeRender (1)

This guy parked next to me while I was getting my cold brew on.

My first destination was supposed to be the Storm King Art Center in New Windsor, NY but I misjudged how fast I drive and when I got to the area, it was over an hour before they opened. I popped into a rest stop to reevaluate my choices.


I love how New York has embraced technology!

I decided to skip the Art Center. I’ve seen art. I haven’t seen Vermont and I decided I’d rather spend my time exploring there. So, I took a few back roads to get away from the freeway and passed right by the NY Renn Faire. I’d have stopped, but I worried they hadn’t open yet either! I pushed on.

The weather was glorious. My top was down and my radio was blasting. The playlist I settled on for this leg of my journey was all chick rockers. So I drove on and on and belted out tune after tune until finally I crossed the state line.


Welcome to Vermont! Only 8 states left…

Right across the state line, there’s a wonderful little shop that’s kinda hard to miss.


Everyone was stopping here, not just me!

Inside the shop there were all kinds of maple… maple syrup, maple jerky, maple candy, and Elvis.


And it was the hawt Elvis! Score!

I picked up a few souvenirs.


Not hard to add to my magnet and postcard collections.

On my way out I stopped to see the Blues Brothers.


The Blues Brothers!

For some reason, all of the animals and gnomes on the exterior of the building look like cows.


What a way to welcome visitors to Vermont! I totally heart this state!

I finally took off again and the drive just got more and more picturesque!


That’s a beautiful sight!

There were little festivals all over the place. I got stuck in traffic at the Garlic Festival and then had to stop for gas.


I don’t know if it’s a state law like NJ, but this gas station was a full service station. I would have gone inside and shopped but the parking lot was totally full so I kept going.

I was starting to think about lunch, so I pulled into an overlook area to enjoy my carrot sticks and an apple.

11990721_10206293881399392_486828170_o (1)

Even the roadside pull off areas are gorgeous in Vermont.

Then I passed through some charming little towns.


I’m fairly certain every town in Vermont is adorable.

And then suddenly, I was in New Hampshire.


Poor New Hampshire. They are forced to live next door to Vermont, who is clearly the most awesome state in the nation. I feel bad for them… They’re like the Jan Brady of states.

I was taking the long way to Bedford, because it was a road trip and MINI, but I expected better roads. (Seriously, New Hampshire, Costa Rica has better roads on the sides of their volcanoes! Can’t you pave them or something?) At one point, as I was belting out Total Eclipse of the Heart or Joey or something I realized my voice was warbling just like when you’re a kid and you are trying to talk and your little sister is beating on your back. My lack of vocal range and rhythm don’t need that kind of added pressure!

Even worse, I realized I needed to stop and use the restroom, the horribly uneven and pitted roads were not making that any better. So I pulled into the first gas station I saw. They had a little deli and a store and a sign that said they had all I needed, so I went in.

11982615_10206294031723150_994753900_o (1)

Whatever you need. Unless it’s a restroom, in which case you are out of luck.

Their only bathroom was out-of-order. They had an outhouse, but I decided to take my chances and push on to the next gas station. That’s when I learned gas stations are few and far between in New Hampshire. When I did find another one, I had to wait for the girls ahead of me to stop chatting with their friend the cashier to ask her if she had a restroom. She said they didn’t but they did have an outhouse. I left and tried another. Same result. It wasn’t until I was nearly in Bedford that I finally spotted the Golden Arches. I almost wept with relief. Instead I celebrated with a large tea and a small fry.


My opinion of New Hampshire began to change when people came into McDonalds to seek me out and ask me about My Precious. Clearly, the citizens have a keen eye for beauty and an appreciation for high quality cars!

The rest of my ride was pretty uneventful and not very scenic, at least until I arrived in Bedford.



I checked into my room so I could update my status and post this entry. Tomorrow I am going to drive to Maine before sunrise so I can watch the sun come up from the beach.

11995217_10206293096579772_1483686402_o (1)

New Hampshire is definitely growing on me now!

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Plotting My Route

There are only three states in the Northeast that I have yet to visit and since I have a long weekend…

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.58.12 PM

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RVA MINIs Invade the Richmond Kickers

I joined the RVA MINIs a long time ago, but hadn’t been able to attend one of their events until this weekend. Since my sister Cyndi bought a condo in Richmond and would be in Richmond as well, I invited her and my brother-in-law Gil to join me for the RVA MINIs Invade the Richmond Kickers.


All packed up and ready to go!

It was a glorious day to drive south and I’d heard that there was some interesting Buddhist art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (across the street from my sister’s condo) so I set out fairly early and avoided most of the traffic.

When I arrived, Cyndi wanted to drive through Hollywood Cemetery. The cemetery serves as the final resting place for two American presidents, six Virginia governors, two Supreme Court justices, twenty-two Confederate generals and thousands of Confederate soldiers. It’s got walking tours, trolley tours, and Segway tours, so driving through in My Precious was not a big deal at all.

001 (2)

Some of the best views of downtown Richmond are in the Hollywood Cemetery along with lots of governors and presidents and such.

We wanted to see the president’s tombs but the cemetery map was too small to read on Cyndi’s iPhone so we loaded the Michael Franti playlist and headed down a random street

001 (1)

Ironically, the Barack Obama song was playing on my Micheal Franti playlist when we made a wrong turn and ended up on Confederate Hill.

We drove in circles for a while until we realized that the Presidents were buried in an area that wasn’t accessible by car. At that point, we’d seen a lot of tombstones and decided it was time to move on to look for a mural. Cyndi wanted to find a mural of a girl in a whisky jar, which is known as the most beautiful one. It was really hard to find an address but eventually we discovered it was located at 1011 W Grace Street in a 711 parking lot. We headed that way and found other interesting murals along the route.

001 (3)

Moonshine by Etam Cru

Moonshine was the actual name of the girl in the whiskey jar mural and while it was stunning, Cyndi wasn’t convinced it was the most beautiful one in Richmond. We decided to look for a few more just to be sure.

001 (5)

Dance with Uncle Sam by Robert Proch

They weren’t hard to find!

001 (8)

Random mural I couldn’t find on the RVA Mural Project website but thought looked really good with My Precious.

Cyndi’s favorite was the one on the Starlight.

001 (7)

Unnamed mural on the Star Lite by Greg Mike

My favorite was the giant alien insect invasion.

001 (4)

DOOM LOOP by Wes21 and Onur

We decided to save the VMFA for Sunday and wrapped up our tour of Richmond at Target to buy birthday cards and candles. I spent a little time polishing my wheels because it’s not easy to keep yellow daisies clean, friends! Then we headed back to Cyndi’s house to get ready for my dad’s spur of the moment 72nd birthday party. When Dad arrived, we showered him with gifts and his own personal Lara Bar birthday cake.

001 (9)

Mmmmm celebrating 72 years with the Coconut Cream Pie Lara Bar. Because healthy choices!

He had time to ride with us over to Crown MINI to meet the other RVA MINIs going to the Kickers invasion but decided not to stay for the soccer game. Cyndi and Gil drove his truck over so he could ride in My Precious.

001 (10)

You can’t tell in this picture, but Dad (the former clown turned driving instructor) was freaking out about the lack of roll bars and how fast I was cornering #17alloveragain

When we arrived, lots of people came over to take a look at My Precious and introduce themselves. We mingled for a bit and checked out all the MINIs.

001 (11)

Love Crown MINI, very friendly!

Finally, it was time to drive to the game. We loaded up and I ended up right up front. We made great time, and they opened up the gates as soon as we arrived. We were parking in a special area so everyone could enjoy the MINIs!

001 (12)

MINIs invading the Kickers game!

We spent a few minutes looking at our cars again (because MINIs) and then we headed into the gate.

001 (13)

Special parking for the MINIs

On our way to the restrooms, Cyndi and I found some more fantastic street art.

001 (14)

Cyndi clearly belongs in the Red Army, she’s got the moves!

The game was also a benefit for the Richmond SPCA so there were adorable puppies everywhere. They also had a bunch of tents set up with pet vendors, food, and even a live band. They’d set up our tent on the field right behind the team benches. There were beef or chicken burritos, chips, salsa, and beverages. They even provided beer tickets for those who wanted to have a few adult beverages during the game!

001 (15)

I don’t understand why people fill up their burritos with rice and beans, although these burritos were still pretty delicious.

We stood at a table overlooking the field with Ben and James and Shelley. Best. View. Ever.

001 (16)

Our view of the field. From the field. The center of the field!

We watched the teams warming up and then one of the Kickers staff approached our area. They were looking for a couple of people to participate in a halftime event sponsored by relayfoods.com. He explained it would be a simple game where we had a team of two people and one person tossed groceries to the other person who had to catch them with a bag. It sounded so easy! Gil didn’t want to do it so I offered up Jonathan. He was game, so we were in!

Finally the game started. The Kickers were playing the Charleston Battery. At the end of the bleachers was an area where the Red Army hung out. They’d brought a ton of fun flags and drums and they are probably the reason I’m a Kickers fan today! The happy face flag was my favorite and the fan holding that flag wore a unicorn head and totally rocked out as the game started. It’s a damn shame the Kickers don’t have fan cams!

The Red Army drumming and chanting kept the excitement up, even when the Battery scored. And Kickeroo, the team mascot, wandered up and down the sidelines tossing rolls and soccer balls to the fans.

001 (17)

Kickaroo did a great job of firing up the crowd.

As halftime approached Jonathan and I plotted our strategy. We decided to keep it simple, ignore the crowds and the paparazzi and focus like lasers on tossing and catching.

Someone from the Kickers staff came to get us and took us to meet the other team and the sponsor who was going to explain the simple rules to us. That’s when things took a dark turn… The adorable girls we were competing against worked for some company that supported wheelchair Olympics, and they were already on the field.

Relayfoods.com has two mascots, a cow and a bird. One of the girls was already dressed in the cow costume so our team was the bird. Jonathan had already put on a Kickers scarf and since we were hoping to parlay that into additional crowd support, I put on the feather boa. The mascot was the catcher and we were told if they dropped any items, they had to run them all back to the tosser and start all over again. Then they dropped the bombshell that after the mascots caught all the groceries, they would have to race to midfield!

001 (18)

Jonathan in costume.

Jonathan and I quickly decided we’d have a better shot at victory if he ran the race and so we traded costumes. When halftime started, they pulled us out on the field. I had to toss an apple, an orange, a pear, a small squash, and a bag of chips. The chips were going to be the most challenging since they were lacking in any substantive weight.

001 (20)

I had to toss these groceries FAR!

I started with the heaviest items and as soon as they said go I lobbed them quickly to Jonathan. He scooped them all up, dropped them in the bag, and was off like a shot decimating the cow in the footrace.

001 (19)

Jonathan and the cow hamming it up before the whistle blew.

The girls on the other team were great sports and we all exchanged high fives as we walked off the field. Jonathan and I took a few moments to bask in the glow of our victory with our MINI friends.

001 (21)

Victory is ours! Along with a $25 gift card from our friends at Relay Foods.

We stayed for the rest of the game and I’m sorry to say that the Kickers lost 2-0. That didn’t really matter to me though! I had a great time making new MINI friends and listening to the exciting chants from the Red Army and I can’t wait to go to another game!

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