Casa Loma


As the largest city in Canada, with over 5.7 million people, Toronto has a lot of attractions. We began our day at Casa Loma.


The lavish former home of Sir Henry Pellat sits on a hill with stunning views of downtown Toronto.


The house has 98 rooms and at the end of the morning it felt like we had visited each one. I know all this because of the complimentary audio tour we each enjoyed.


Henry Pellat founded the Toronto Electric Company and had a monopoly on providing electricity to the city of toronto before he was 30. He had an extensive tunnel connected to his stables and potting shed, but Evelyn was not impressed.


My favorite room was the tower with its amazing views of the city in several different directions.


I believe Evelyn’s favorite was the bathroom. Sir Henry had one of the very first heated human car wash showers in the world.


Though to be fair, I think Evelyn just enjoyed the breeze through the open window.


We strolled through the grounds just long enough to learn none of us were pure at heart. Apparently when someone who is pure at heart rings the bells on the dragon tree, the dragons will come to life and fly off in different directions. Or so I’m told…


Afterwards Aruna and Evelyn photobombed a wedding.


Evelyn wasn’t impressed with the bride’s dress.


Off we went to lunch at Crepes A Gogo. 


Lunch involved Limonana and hot and delicious crepes from a delightful French Canadian woman (Gogo) at this charming sidewalk cafe.


Afterwards we headed over to the Metro to catch two trains and a bus on our way to the Toronto Science Museum.


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