Saratoga Springs: An Amazing Little Town in Upstate New York

Our quest to visit Sarah’s recommended sights continued…


I started my day by attending my new PTSA’s meeting (Empire State PTSA. I’m a member, why aren’t you?) After we spent some time in the General Session, Ethan, Sharlene and I headed out to the lobby for a couple of planning meetings.


Ethan assisted with the Reflections Exhibit…


And then it was time for lunch! We headed back out to the city to see what else we could check off the list.


First up was a stop at Broadway Kettlecorn.


Broadway Kettlecorn is a tent outside the Downtowner Motel where hot young guys whip up delicious batches of super sweet corn. 


We were short on time, so we stopped at the candy shop to pick up a pig…


And then stopped back into the wine shop to update William on my travel plans (See Greetings from Saratoga Springs). 


And then it was back to work!


I was copresenting with Laura Bay in the Alabama Room (will I never escape it!?!)


And then we rounded out the evening at the convention banquet. 


We went our separate ways to afterparty. Ethan went to polish his presentation for the next day, I headed to the bar with my very good friend Vito Borello, and Sharlene went to the Convention Party for one last fling with our NYSPTA friends. 

I hope all of you get a chance to one day visit Saratoga Springs and that you have a friend like Sarah who can send you to the most wonderful spots!

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I'm a family engagement expert who travels for work and for pleasure. In fact, I’m half hippy, half clown, latte sipping, brunch munching, MINI driving, rabid social media enthusiast.
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