An Urban Staycation Part 3: Brunching Before the Urban Cirque

Sharlene and Pinkus and I decided to walk to The Point in Fells Point where we were meeting up with Erin, Daniel, and a couple of their friends for brunch.


The day was gloriously sunny but not warm. And by that I mean the wind chill blowing off the water was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen or twenty degrees! Sharlene thought about taking a bike. 


We found a monument to their family name…


and a giant fish. 


We walked around the Aquarium, past the Power Plant and across a few piers.


We saw lots of urban sights.


Finally, we arrived at The Point. It’s an adorable little bar with an amazing brunch menu. I had the seafood omlette with giant chunks of crab meat and blackend shrimp. I also had a few very delicious bloody mary’s and some really good mimosas (it’s important to maintain your vegatable intake and who wants to get skurvy?)


Sharlene pointed out the Touch Tunes Jukebox hanging right next to our table, so I entertained the crowd with a few of my favorite songs.


It wasn’t long before we broke out the Cards Against Humanity. 


Which morphed into a Truth, Dare or Drink game as well. We learned a few interesting things about each other, mostly that Erin can still complete an interesting cartwheel. 


Afterwards, we walked back through Fells Point. We stopped at a sidewalk oyster bar and Daniel tried to convince Erin to try them.


She was not as excited.


We stepped into Max’s Taproom, but it was super crowded, so we headed across the street to Eat Bertha’s Mussels.


I tried the Kilkinney Cream Ale, to prepare for this year’s trip to Kilkenny. It was delicious. Now I’m even more excited to go.


We took the Charm City Circulator back to the hotel to check out the Executive Lounge.


The drinks were overpriced and since the only things they served were cheese and cookies, we walked to the Kona Grill for dinner. A quick taxi ride later and we arrived at the Lyric Opera House for the opening night of the Cirque Eloize.


The Cirque Eloize is an urban circus with tons of breakdancing, inline skating, bikes, and trampolines. The music was peppy, the dancing was amazing, and the show was fantastic! The best part? The lighting! During the trampoline act, the lights and music lit the stage and pulsed with the acrobats. Amazing! 


We returned to the hotel and finished our evening by watching Beautyshop and Four Brothers on BET. So urban!


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I'm a family engagement expert who travels for work and for pleasure. In fact, I’m half hippy, half clown, latte sipping, brunch munching, MINI driving, rabid social media enthusiast.
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