It’s Not the Journey, It’s the Destination!

When our office suddenly gifted us with a couple of extra days off, it seemed like a short holiday would be the best way to celebrate. Also, I could jump start my plan to secure my elite status for 2015. Win win, no? My friend Sharlene generously offered to accompany me so that my companion pass would not go to waste and my friend Renee decided to join us as well. 


Although there was a nor’easter brewing and we were flying out of BWI, we weren’t terribly worried since our flight was leaving at 3 and the snow was supposed to begin around 6. Also, most of the snowfall was going to be much farther north.

Sadly, when we arrived at the airport, we learned our flight was delayed because the incoming flight had weather delays. We found a bar to grab a quick lunch and pass some time.


Renee was flying on US Airways and her flight soon departed.  So Sharlene and I found another bar.


Then the snowfall began. The plane finally arrived and we were quickly boarded. The snow was starting to stick as we taxied over to the de-icing area.

Once they finished we started heading taxiing away. We almost made it to the runway when the flight attendant came on the intercom and asked anyone who had medical experience to press their call button. The plan suddenly made a u turn, they turned on the overhead lights, and we began heading back to the gate.


Once we arrived they told us that a passenger had been having a medical emergency but was suddenly feeling better. The pilot was still going to call it in and we would have to wait until the tower decided if we would open the door or take off. A few minutes later they let us know it was go time and we heeded back out to the runway.

The takeoff was uneventful, but the massive amounts of turbulence delayed the beverage cart, and I really, really, really wanted a cocktail… And it seemed like a Christmas miracle the guy who’d had the medical issue wasn’t having a massive heart attack as the plane dipped and shuddered. I guess the flight attendants felt bad for us, because once they did bring the beverage cart around they didn’t even chance us! Bonus!


We landed with just enough time to make it to the next flight, which had also been delayed but was already boarding. I’d been moved to the exit row, which was a bulkhead seat and right next to the door. That’s how I found out they couldn’t close the door because they didn’t have any pretzels. I offered to give up any of their tiny little bags of pretzels but they said other passengers would definitely complain. I suggested a quick poll to see how many people would rather arrive on time and how many were desperate for pretzels. They decided to just wait.


Eventually the doors closed and one Bloody Mary later we finally arrived in New Orleans!


Laissez les bon temps roule!

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I'm a family engagement expert who travels for work and for pleasure. In fact, I’m half hippy, half clown, latte sipping, brunch munching, MINI driving, rabid social media enthusiast.
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  1. MPK says:

    Have so much fun ladies!!!! 🙂


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