Darling Harbor

After a quick breakfast (we both had the Jenni special) We loaded up and walked the five blocks to the training venue. Jen carried the giant post it pad, in spite of the gale force winds.


We kicked off our training with a mixed media art activity and asked each table to construct a poster that illustrated their vision of what successful family engagement would look like. They had feathers, pipe cleaners, pom poms, foam hands and feet, googly eyes, and glitter.


The results were impressive!


And really intricate!


We presented information about the CAFÉ Family Engagement Assessment and showed them pictures from American schools. In the afternoon we set up a data walk and the teams pulled apart the assessment data we had posted on the walls.


At the end of the day, we were ready to explore more of Sydney, but Jen had to have a quick call with the radio station from Brisbane to prep for her interview next week.


We decided the best place to take the call would be in Darling Harbor, near the shops! Also, we’d exceeded the data count on our portable hotspot and hoped to find some free wifi so I could get online as well! We walked across the bridge to the shops and the views were stunning!

I love Australia, but they sure are stingy with the free wifi! We walked from bar to bar inside the shopping mall, but none of them had wifi. The Hard Rock said they did, but they didn’t. Still we had to stop somewhere to take Jenni’s call, and the balcony at the Hard Rock was deserted with glorious views of the city skyline.


After Jen’s call, we made a stop at the Dr Candy kiosk.


We walked back across the bridge and stopped for dinner at Cockle Bay Wharf. We settled on the I’m Angus Steak House when we saw kangaroo on the menu.


Frankly, the kangaroo was disappointing. First of all I’d really hoped to try it on a pizza. This was just grilled. Secondly, it just tasted like beef.


After dinner we walked over to Woolworths to stock up on supplies. Big day planned for tomorrow!


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I'm a family engagement expert who travels for work and for pleasure. In fact, I’m half hippy, half clown, latte sipping, brunch munching, MINI driving, rabid social media enthusiast.
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