Chrismas Markets in Vienna

Though it took us a while to find our Hilton, our rooms were delightful! I found a bottle of wine and a jar of candy, because diamond status!


Hilton Vienna Plaza two thumbs up!


We dropped off our bags and met up in the Executive Lounge. We decided to walk to the closest Christmas Market in spite of the light drizzle. It wasn’t terribly far and was right in front of the Rathaus. The Rathaus is the government building, which makes perfect sense in America if you think about it. I believe that’s what I’ll call Congress in the future…


Christmas Market at Rathaus Park


Along the way we stopped at the bank for some cash.


Show me the Euros!


The Rathaus is amazing and all around are giant trees decorated with different christmas themes.




The market is set up in the front with cute little wooden stalls. The whole atmosphere is festive, and everyone wandered around with their mugs of hot wine.


Hot wine!


Last year we experienced the Christmas Market in Paris and Jenni and Delaney thought that was the best one. I liked this one better. It was smaller and didn’t have as much, but I loved the ambience and the hot wine! Also, we had a sausage wrapped in fried garlic bread that was amazing!

Getting festive with Mozart

Getting festive with Mozart

We wandered around and examined all the wares before we decided to call it a night. Tomorrow we begin exploring palaces! Wish you were here!


A Joyous Holiday!


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