I’ve Got Spring Break Fever and A Weekend in Europe is the Cure

Spring break got off to a great start when the email announcing our office would close early arrived. I still had to work…


Work takes too long!

But not as long as I’d thought. As soon as I finished, I hopped in My Precious and raced over to my sisters penthouse. I wanted to feed her lunch before I asked for a ride to the airport.


Delicious enchiladas, Ole!

We are my leftover enchiladas and then decided to leave early to head to the airport.


Sisters are the best!

Since we had some extra time to kill and I desperately needed some new shoelaces, and since we just happened to be near the National Harbor, we stopped there. A couple of hours later we went back to Virginia.


Welcome to Virginia

Cyndi dropped me off at the airport, which was when I discovered my flight was delayed. So I went up to the Sky Club to wait. It made me miss the Virgin Clubhouse.


Plastic spoon, paper bowl, and I had to get it myself. It’s no Virgin Clubhouse.

We finally boarded and taxied away from the gate, only to park at the end of the runway. I alerted Cyndi that we weren’t taking off just yet so she wouldn’t be out on her balcony waving.

IMG_9697-1Eventually we left.


So long, nation’s capital!

I had just enough time for a whisky and ginger…


My new favorite cocktail.

before we landed at JFK. They’d shaved an hour off my layover but I still had time to visit the flagship Delta Sky Club.


Really Sky Club? You call this a flagship? The Virgin Clubhouse is just around the corner, let me take you there.

By the time I reached my gate they were already boarding my plane.


I’m number 1! I’m number 1! And by that I mean I’m in seat 1A.

It was a double-decker jet of some sort and my seat was downstairs in the very front. Thanks Seat Guru!

They brought me a cute little amenity kit and a glass of champagne.


Champagne. From France. On my Dutch flight. #livinglarge

And away we went!

About isherri

I'm a family engagement expert who travels for work and for pleasure. In fact, I’m half hippy, half clown, latte sipping, brunch munching, MINI driving, rabid social media enthusiast.
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