Melissa’s Birthday Bash on the Eve of the #EpicMINIRally

The excitement about the #EpicMINIRally was palpable throughout the city. But maybe that was just me since I quit my job, refinanced my condo, picked up my new wheels and had them installed, shopped for more iron on letters, and picked up the birthday cake from Buzz Bakery before Melissa’s party even began. Whatever, we were all pretty excited when I arrived at Dice Burger that night!


Turns out I was wrong about having the most beautiful car in the world. Now, MY Precious is the most beautiful car in the world. Apologies to any cars that might have been slightly cuter before the daisy wheels.

Our crew secured a corner table and then pulled up a few more to seat the large crowd of DCMM members who were able to attend. We love going to Dice Burger because the food is delicious, they love to see the MINIs in their lot, everyone orders and pays for their own at the counter so there’s never a problem waiting for the bill splitting, and they let you roll some dice to earn free burgers! This time Ali earned one which is great since we will have an excuse to visit again soon.


MINIs take the Dice Burger!

Jessie and I took advantage of our time together to discuss setting up some karaoke rehearsals to work out a few numbers before the next MINIs On The Dragon. Somehow that evolved into Rey and Jessie hosting some sort of karaoke cook out (and if you are reading this Rey we need to hammer out those details!)


DCMM members thinking about strategy at the #EpicMINIRally and you can already tell Haemish has something planned…

We had a few adult beverages and talked about strategies for earning mileage coupons at the #EpicMINIRAlly


Melissa in Lego form with her adult beverage.

Ali shared with us that she had cut way back on the Instagram porn in her feed, but @menandcoffee was still there (thank God!)


Yes, the porn is gone but the @menandcoffee remain. Whew!

Melissa began to Periscope and then I joined in and Catalina downloaded the app to give it a try as well. We were just in time since the Dice Burger staff brought out the cake!


Periscoping the birthday song so that Melissa’s Turkish fans could participate as well.

Though the cake was gluten-free, you couldn’t even tell! Ali was right, I didn’t miss the glutens at all, it was just delicious. And even more importantly, it was brown with delicate pink highlights, just like Melissa’s DOMO.


Where are the glutens? Who the hell cares? That cake was delicious!

Afterwards we headed out to the parking lot to check out the cars because MINIs…


Melissa modding DOMO with a “You Like This” sticker.

And Haemish took advantage of the time at an event without Craig Baron to try to score more #EpicMINIRally Mileage Coupons.


Haemish sucking up for more #EpicMINIRally Mileage Coupons or admiring my new wheels? Probably both!

Ali, Melissa, and I wished everyone well as we headed over to my place to work on our #EpicMINIRally wear.


Letting Fluffy in the caravan because I don’t judge… Well, at least it’s not a Camry, right?

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