Pre #DCMMPiratePicnic Happy Hour at Ted’s Bulletin

Hilary was kind enough to set up a Happy Hour event at one of our favorite places, Ted’s Bulletin. With only two days left to prepare for the #DCMMPiratePicnic, we knew turnout would be low. After all, pirate costumes, pies, and side dishes take time, right?

Rey and I were the first to arrive and we enjoyed a spirited discussion about my new job and his commute. Hilary arrived shortly after and Melissa was right behind her. We all ordered some dinner and the bartender suggested some Tots with bacon and cheese.

You can see what we thought of the Tots with bacon and cheddar.

You can see what we thought of the Tots with bacon and cheddar.

Nick arrived right before the torrential downpours.


We saw Craig drive up and thankfully the rain stopped right before he walked over from the parking garage. Almost like the heavens didn’t want to spoil his look by raining on his parade!

When Craig arrived we had a full table!

It's always so nice to see Craig arrive. He's very helpful!

It’s always so nice to see Craig arrive. He’s very helpful!

Sadly, Haemish had to go back to work and he was the first to leave us.


First to leave the party, he’s a hard worker!

We discussed our plans for the #DCMMPiratePicnic and who was bringing what for the pie contest and the side dish contest. I’m feeling pretty confident about my Treasure Island Pie (good luck Quitta!)

We noticed that Rey ordered a cup of coffee…


Still working on getting picked up by @menandcoffee We won’t quit! We aren’t quitters!

It was time to go so we all settled our bills.


Super friendly wait staff at Ted’s Bulletin.It’s one of the reasons why we keep going back!

And then we all walked outside to discover the sun shining and the birds singing!


It wasn’t actually birds singing it was what appeared to be some sort of jazz band. Although they weren’t actually playing and that’s probably for the best since I am not a fan of jazz.

We all walked over to the Target parking lot, because free parking!


Traipsing through the park to reach the parking lot, together, like a club!

And we stopped for the obligatory Target selfie.


Sorry for blocking your cute little head with my gigantic one, Hilary! #SelfishSelfieQueen

Craig and Melissa had parked near me, which meant we got to spend some time talking about our cars!



And we even took a few shots to use for our pending DCMM T Shirt Campaign!

Soon this lovely painting will be replaced with an even lovelier picture of a #DCMM T Shirt now available for pre order at

Soon this lovely painting will be replaced with an even lovelier picture of a #DCMM T Shirt now available for pre-order at

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