The DCMM Pirate Picnic

When our ship arrived, we stormed the shores to plunder our picnic pavilion!


DC Metro MINIs members sure know how to enjoy a picnic!

Ali had arrived early and strung up the backdrop for the photo booth and had already organized the grilling. Rey, Nick and Brian started grilling the hot dogs and Ernest grilled the burgers.


Delicious burgers prepared by Ernest.

I set up the photo booth props and Melissa helped hang the club banner.


Alex was probably googling how to hang a banner…

Pies and side dishes began arriving and were placed in a strategic area.


When my palm trees melted in the heat, I was forced to rename my pie “Post Hurricane Pie” which still wasn’t enough to pull of a victory.

My favorite dessert was the cookies!


Hilary made MINI shaped cookies and one that was shaped like a flower, which was the most beautiful and delicious cookie EVAH!

The photo booth area was a lot of fun. Little Rey performed the art direction for many of the shots and there were a lot of great props to choose from.


Photo booth fun!

Everyone enjoyed a great lunch and some delicious side dishes and desserts and then it was time for the annual club awards!


Alex captured the Biggest Broom Award for being a spectacular sweeper.


Everyone loves the parks, so we all appreciate Corey’s donations in the form of a speeding ticket on Skyline Drive.


Tyler won an award for organizing gokarting events, always popular with the club! We do love to drive!



Hilary won for Clever Costume and Happy Hour Heroine. Well deserved!

















Of course Craig Baron won for being most helpful and reading Ali’s mind. He is the most helpful person I know!


Haemish won for highest miles at a Rally after his stunning performance at the #EpicMINIRally











New Dragon Slayers!

Medals were given out for the pie contest and the side dish contest.


First place prizes went to Treasure Island Pie and a fruit salad.

Finally, everybody helped clean up, pack our booty and we all said goodbye and many of us left for the post picnic run…


#sherrirocks still best hashtag ever!

About isherri

I'm a family engagement expert who travels for work and for pleasure. In fact, I’m half hippy, half clown, latte sipping, brunch munching, MINI driving, rabid social media enthusiast.
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