Bon Voyage Corey Brown

It breaks my heart to think about Corey Brown moving to Japan for two years, so what what else could we do but send him off with a bon voyage happy hour?

It was a great turnout. Melissa and I arrived first. She’d already secured our favorite table near the bar.


Waiting for Corey

While we were waiting Nick sent us a photo. I guess so we’d recognize him when he arrived.


So dapper!

Corey, Brandy, and Caylee came in next. Not only were we celebrating Corey, it was Caylee Brown’s thirteenth birthday!


Happy birthday, Caylee!

Brian and Stephanie came in and Nick  and Craig Baron finally arrived.


That end of the table must have been talking about something terribly interesting!

Hilary and Ali also joined the fun.


Hilary also brought the new club shirts for those of us who’d ordered them!

We enjoyed a lovely dinner and then everyone sang happy birthday to Caylee!


Caylee scored a happy birthday pop tart!

As we were wrapping up and preparing to leave Alex arrived! He walked us out


One of our favorite happy hour spots!

Along the way we stopped for our obligatory Target selfie.


It’s become a tradition at this point. And you’d be surprised at the number of random people who stop and offer to take your selfie for you!

We’d all parked in the same area of the Target parking garage and as we were approaching our cars, we discovered there was a Camry in our midst.


Wait, what is that, a Camry?!?

Alex pretended to kick the Camry’s bumper as he walked past and that’s when we noticed the small Asian lady the car belonged to was walking with us!


This is not the actual kick, but a dramatic recreation of the moment when Alex kicked the Camry. No MINIs were harmed in the recreation of that incident.

Hilary passed out the club shirts, we said our goodbyes and we all left with the bittersweet memory of another fun evening out with Corey Brown.


A representation of how we feel about Corey leaving. We’ve all enjoyed the pop tart and now we are left with the sad little sprinkles that fell off along the way…

Thank you for your service, Corey Brown. We’ll miss seeing your cheerful little face and chuckling at your wacky antics at our club events until you return in 2017!


Corey Brown



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