Post #NYEribroast

The #NYEribroast was so successful, we didn’t make it back to the farmhouse to sleep until long past 2 am. I wasn’t sure what time we were eating brunch, but I’ve always been an early riser so I was up at 8 am ready to go. Will and Laurin came out shortly after and started a roaring fire. The farmhouse was originally built in the 1800s and was charming but chilly. The fire was fantastic.


The only ones who enjoyed the fire more than me was Otto and Dasher.

Laurin and Will cooked up an amazing brunch.


Three different kinds of frittata. Now that’s a brunch!

The food was delicious and we all had a good time remembering the #NYEribroast the night before.

Laurin even made black eyed peas. For luck.


Black eyed peas. Good and good for you.

I’m not sure when, but at some point the night before I’d pledged my support for Christine’s month of no drinking. Obviously, that wouldn’t start until we finished the champagne from the night before. In fact, Laurin told us nobody was leaving until we finished it off. That seemed like it wouldn’t be a problem when we thought there were only 3 or 4 bottles left, but bottles kept turning up…

Afterwards, we sat and chatted as the crowd began to part ways. Christine and I continued to make headway on depleting the champagne stock. We are hard workers and when someone gives us a task we like to follow through. Eventually, someone decided it would be a great idea to go for a walk.


Real feel eleven? Clearly the alcohol was influencing my decisions. Good thing I agreed to quit drinking in January #temperancetemp

We all bundled up.


Bob and Christine told me to wear my hood in extreme temperatures, even with the earmuffs. That’s the kind of helpful advice that’s going to ensure my survival once I move to Chicago.

We started up the hill. Matt had Flannery’s leash and Will and Laurin were taking care of Otto and Dasher.


Nothing for Bob, Christine and I to do but enjoy the walk. 

At the top of the hill is The Owl, a lovely little local nightclub.


Friendly staff at the Owl and they have an interactive jukebox, but Bob accurately judged the crowd and determined that overriding their football game might not be appreciated, even if I started with Let’s Have a Kiki.

We ordered up drinks and since it was so cold out, I opted for whisky. I’d hoped for some honey whisky but they were out. They did have Jim Beam Red Stag which I hadn’t ever tried before. I liked it so much, the bar tender suggested I try the apple flavored one. I also loved that! Christine, who has a much classier palette, didn’t care for either one and since the bartender had poured us each a shot to sample it, I got hers as well #winning


Whisky time

When we finished and started getting texts from Matt wondering where we were, we decided to leave.


Christine pointing the way back.

We walked down the hill.


Walking back to the farmhouse.

Angel was hungry so Bob went with him to get something for dinner in town and bring it back to the rest of us.


Matt is very hearty!

When they returned, they prepared an amazing feast. With more champagne!


The roast beef sandwiches were my favorite part. Also, the mashed potatoes which may have come from a box, though that wouldn’t matter since I LOVE boxed mashed potatoes. Have you tried the cheese and garlic flavor? Delish!

It was clearly too late to drive home and there were still a few bottles of champagne left since an elf was replenishing or they were reproducing or something, so we packed up and headed back to the lake house to spend the night.

Christine drifted off, champagne in hand, but Matt rescued it before it spilled. We played a few rounds of pool and the boys worked on polishing off another bottle of bubbly. I’d realized I had reached my limit.


Billiards in the basement, though Angel had already gone to bed and Christine was passed out on the couch. 

Eventually, my eyes began to shut and I headed up to the attic room to hit the sack. It was the end of an era, in the sense that I was starting a month of sobriety the next day, so obviously I needed some rest.


Sunrise on Lake Geneva



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