Northern Lights Sound Delightful

My sister Lisa loves Alaska. She convinced me I should meet her there so I could check it off my list of states to visit (only four left), see the Northern Lights, and hang out with her in one of her favorite places. I’m always down for a vacation (and thinking of ways to maintain my diamond status) so I said yes!


Could be worse!

Our initial plans got jacked up when I ended up having to go to Camden NJ for a day of training and had to switch my original flight. Lisa kept hers and went up a day before me. That was actually for the best since she was able to report back important information like how to get to our hotel and that they have homemade hash for breakfast!

So I spent the day in NJ, flew home, slept a few hours, and then caught a Lyft to the airport. My first flight was from Midway in Chicago to Minneapolis. In coach. When we landed I had 30 minutes to jog from C10 to F13. That left just enough time to pick up a sandwich and bottle of water.

On the second flight I was in coach again, though this time I scored an exit row seat and there was no seat in front of me. Initially this seemed ideal. Until I realized that my headphones wouldn’t reach the TV screen on the back of the seat that was actually two seats up! I gave up on trying to watch a movie and worked on a PowerPoint for work instead.


Didn’t really have the long legs to fully appreciate this. Might have prefered a closer screen.

We got to Seattle and my next gate was fairly close. I wandered over and noticed the gate area was totally populated by rugged looking lumberjack types and young soldiers. I was already upgraded so once we boarded I took a quick nap. Lisa had told me to sit on the passenger side because I’d be able to see the northern lights from that side. I woke up in time for dinner (hamburger sliders) and then started looking out for the Lights.

I saw a lot of stars and I could see a greenish shimmer way out in the distance. It could have been that my vision is bad because the lumberjacks in front of me were really impressed.


Approaching Fairbanks

When we landed I hustled out to the baggage area and called the hotel for a pickup. I was surprised that it wasn’t much colder than Chicago so I stood outside to wait. When the tiny little mini van pulled up, I learned there was going to be six other passengers. I’m considerate, so I climbed into the back row of seats, in spite of the fact that there was not even enough space for my short little legs! Another couple climbed in back with me. We all agreed that the 6’7’ guy should have the front and then two Asian ladies came out and took the spacious middle seats. I’m going to assume they wouldn’t scoot their seats up because they couldn’t understand my constant complaints! Thankfully it wasn’t far to the hotel. I jumped out as quickly as I could (which was last since everyone else had to get out first). Then I went inside to wait in line to pick up a key. Lisa had arrived the night before and was out on an Aurora tour.


I arrived

She’d left me a few gifts because she is thoughtful AND fun. I put on the fuzzy pink socks and blingy pussyhat and crawled into bed. We had a big day ahead and I needed the rest!


My sister so sweet!

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