A Day on the UP

After all the excitement of the record attempt, most of my DCMM friends went back to their hotels for a nap. Katie and I decided to spend our day instagramming the UP. Our first stop was Castle Rock.


MINIs invade the Castle Rock!

Brandy and Corey sent a message that they were at Deer Park so we went there next.


We decided to skip the deer feeding and go for some deer kissing instead.


Katie really likes deer.

When we left there, we found a little souvenir shop.


All of the shops on the UP sell fudge and smoked fish.

And then Katie hit a deer.


It was closed, but we decided we needed some souvenirs so we went to the fudge shop.


You literally cannot visit the UP without taking home some fudge.

Our next stop was the park that overlooks the bridge and as we arrived most of the other cars were leaving so we were able to get some great shots of our cars (of course).


The Mighty Mackinaw Bridge!

Brandy and Corey had finished feeding deer and the rest of the crew was starting to rouse so we decided to meet up for margaritas dinner. We ran into the Detroit Tuned crew and worked really hard to get our order in before they did. Corrine spent her time there constructing a giant margarita straw to access the pitchers on the other side of the room.


So much talent, no wonder she has a cape!

We left there and walked down to the harbor to check out the band. I saw my friend Yvonne along the way but she’d been denied entrance because of her new puppy baby. Also, there was a cover charge. We stood around for a while but then decided to skip it. Brandy, Corey and I were rolling out at 4 am and we felt like we needed to call it a night. That plan was totally disrupted by the fireworks show that started at 10pm, but it drew out my hotel neighbor and we had a lovely chat about our cars as we enjoyed the show.


Already ready for our next attempt in 2019!

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I'm a family engagement expert who travels for work and for pleasure. In fact, I’m half hippy, half clown, latte sipping, brunch munching, MINI driving, rabid social media enthusiast.
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