Who Wouldn’t Love a Pot of Cheese

It was another rainy day in Brussels and Cyndi and I planned to see a few local sights. We bundled up and took the bus to the Cora (it’s like the local Walmart).


Riding the bus to the Cora

It was a short ride and a long walk and then we wandered up and down the aisles looking for christmas lights and license plate holders. They had everything we needed and Cyndi picked up a few more bags of sausages while we were there. We walked back to the bus and then rode to the stop for the Aldi and picked up some schnitzel for dinner.


I really, really wanted Cyndi to make chicken donuts but she wouldn’t go for it!

The rain had let up so we walked home from there. After we unpacked the groceries, we walked to The Open for lunch.


The cutest restaurant I have ever seen. And that was BEFORE they brought out my pot of melted cheese.

The Open is a local French bistro, about a block from Cyndi’s house. Cyndi suggested we visit since they had the best fondue in town. It was essentially a giant pot of melted racklette cheese with small potatoes in the bottom of the pot. It came with a salad and a trio of meats.


I would have licked the bowl but there were people in there…

From there we walked to the Arc de Triomphe which is literally two blocks from Cyndi’s apartment.


There is a lovely view of the Arc from the balcony in my room.

Access to the top of the Arc is through the Military History Museum, so we bought a ticket and went up to the top.


Looking at the city from the top of the Arc!

The views of the city were amazing! Since our ticket was good for the museum as well, we went down and walked through that as well.

Processed with MOLDIV

Made a few friends while we were there…

The air wing was our favorite part.


Lots of aircraft in the airwing

Across the parking lot from the military museum is Auto World so of course I wanted to see that!


Just missed the American Dream Cars

Sadly the American Dream Cars show doesn’t open until December 15th, long after I leave. But the rest of the cars were pretty amazing.

Processed with MOLDIV

A few of our favorite cars

We walked home from there, it was only two blocks. Cyndi made schnitzel and when Gil got home we had dinner and a movie. It had been a long day so we turned in early so we’d be well rested for our trip to Bruges!

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