SPRKL at Copper Harbor

I slept late because of the blackout blinds in my room so I missed the sunrise. That was just as well because it was only 36 when I pulled out of the hotel. I grabbed a coffee at the Kwik Stop and drove down to the lake for a glimpse of the shore. In Duluth, the lakefront is beautiful.

Duluth just barely after sunrise. OK a couple of hours after sunrise.

I didn’t linger because it was a five-hour drive to Copper Harbor and I was really cold away from my heated seat! I stopped in Ashland for a quick photo with a fish and then hit the road again. I didn’t stop again until I arrived in Michigan and by then I was low on gas and out of coffee. I took the 2 to the 28 to the 45 and the entire way the scenery was breathtaking.  

Crossing another state line.

As I headed north, I saw a sign advertising a place called the Jam Pot so I decided to turn off and find it to pick up some jelly for the pod. As I was walking out a lovely couple stopped me. They’d been tailing me off and on for hours and wanted to say how much they enjoyed spotting my car!

I found the Jam Pot, totally worth the stop!

The road was running along the coast and it was a delightful drive so when I left the Jam Pot I decided to stay on that road North instead. That was the right decision because it was very twisty with random breaks between the trees where Lake Superior would pop into view. It turned out to be my favorite part of the drive!

My goal was the find the Brockway Mountain Drive. I would have taken a picture but I was hauling ass and just happened to see it which resulted in a quick turn! I did notice it said “rough road” but TBH it was sort of a blur.

The word “rough” was a complete understatement. I’ll probably need an alignment when I get home, but it was completely deserted and so I hit the Fun Button and went screaming up the mountain. The view from the top is incredible.

The southern view from the West Bluff.

The top of the mountain is 726 feet above the lake and 1,328 feet above sea level. When you are up there you feel like it is the top of the world!

Coming down the other side of the mountain had a smoother road and better views.

I drove down the mountain and into Copper Harbor. The ride down was very steep but the road was much better and so were the views.

I love a byway!

I’d forgotten to stop for lunch earlier and thought I’d find a pasty in Copper Harbor but I found myself on the road south and it didn’t seem worth it to turn around. On my way to Marquette I passed the Snow-mometer and snapped a quick shot. Also, I had to slam on the brakes when an actual MOOSE crossed the road in front of me!

The Keweenaw Snow-mometer

It seemed to take forever to get to Marquette and since I missed lunch I decided to check in and have something “super yooper” delivered. The best I could do was a Slim Jim sandwich from Bob’s Big Boy. The girls at the front desk thought that was hysterical. Tomorrow I’ll be driving by the Painted Rocks on my way to the Shipwreck Museum. Better get some rest!

Why yes, SPRKL, I would love a break! Thank you for asking!

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I'm a family engagement expert who travels for work and for pleasure. In fact, I’m half hippy, half clown, latte sipping, brunch munching, MINI driving, rabid social media enthusiast.
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