Seeking Higher Elevations on My Summer Vacation

Since I bought my new MINI and the 2021 MINI Takes the State event was cancelled I decided to plan my own event. It was cloudy day as I pulled out of Chicago but it wasn’t raining so I put the top down and the radio up.

It was an early start but I wasn’t going to let my Pride hangover hold me back.

As I motored south, the clouds came and went and I drove through occasional showers. At one point I realized I’d have to stop for gas about half way and if it was raining when I pulled over I’d get soaked. Also, the gas stations were few and far between. Suddenly it was like a strange kind of game of chicken where I couldn’t stop unless it wasn’t raining but I was already running very low on gas.

I ended up making it to a Dodge’s that had definitely seen better days and was at least 5 miles off the freeway. At least it wasn’t raining and according to my MINI I had 24 miles left in that tank.

After I got back on the freeway, I hauled ass to Missouri.

The Show Me State

I made GREAT time zipping through Missouri and soon I was in Kansas.

The Sunflower State?

,I drove to my hotel to drop off my bags and text my KC MINI buddies to meet up for dinner and then SURPRISE they told me they were going to a little MINI event and I could join them if I wanted. Of course I was all “Heck yeah!”.

When I found the guys, they were parking MINIs in front of an amazing mural to create a MINI rainbow to celebrate Pride!

My people!

When the KC MINI Enthusiast club members found out I drove down from Chicago they insisted I join the rainbow, so of course I did!

Super grateful the KC MINI Enthusiasts let me crash their Pride party!

After the MINI meetup Brian, Marc, and I hopped back in our cars and drove to their favorite BBQ joint, Jack Stacks. We ordered a cocktail and some burnt ends.

Kansas City BBQ is delicious.

We had an amazing time catching up on everything that’s happened since the pandemic, it was just like the before times! While we were there, Marc and Brian toyed with the idea of visiting Chicago and staying in my guest room. They also gave me some tips about what to visit on my way to Colorado Springs. I’ve got some homework to do!

Afterwards, I returned to the hotel to listen to DJ Iamelectro’s Yacht Rock Sunday show while I plot my course for tomorrow’s adventures…

Some super smooth yacht rock jams while I google the Garden of the Gods…

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I'm a family engagement expert who travels for work and for pleasure. In fact, I’m half hippy, half clown, latte sipping, brunch munching, MINI driving, rabid social media enthusiast.
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2 Responses to Seeking Higher Elevations on My Summer Vacation

  1. Mike Shepherd says:

    Sounds like a fun time! I’ve never heard of burnt ends. It’s a good title for an autobiography.


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