Super Special Bonus Activity: Gallery Walk


I didn’t plan to goout tonight, but my very good friend Sharlene reminded me she had scored some free tickets to a Gallery Walk near Union Station.



Artist Regina Holliday is a health care activist who paints personal stories on jackets. It may sound odd, but it was movable art with a message and I loved it! All of the people wearing painted jackets had stories to tell. And as they wandered around the room, people would stop them and ask “what’s your story”?


We met parents who had children who had survived horrible diseases, women who had survived domestic violence, bloggers for health care reform, and advocates for better health care records. Each jacket was unique and told a story that was profoundly moving. 
While we were there we enjoyed a few glasses of excellent wine and some truly amazing snacks. The beet and goat cheese balls were my favs. Sharlene enjoyed the salads. Evelyn appeared to like it all.

Afterwards we decided to explore the H Street Corridor. While this area is rumored to be up and coming, it looks like it won’t be arriving anytime soon. That being said, there were a few hidden gems nestled between the padlocked burgler bars and the steel shuttered businesses.


We stopped at the Star and the Shamrock because it had Banana Bread Beer. Turns out it was also the first Jewish Irish Pub I’ve ever visited.


Menu options included items like Sadie’s Fired Matzo Balls with Au Jew dipping sauce.


We peeked in the windows of the Rock and Roll Hotel and the H Street Country Club before walking the 50 or 60 blocks back to my car. Take it from me, if you visit the H Street Corridor, you should park near 13th or 14th because those really are the only two blocks you will want to visit and lack of parking spaces didn’t seem to be an issue!


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