National Botanical Gardens and the James Garfield Monument

It was a very special weekend for me, friends. My BFF decided to visit so Evelyn and I took her with us on one of our bucket list adventures.


We started the adventure at Drink the District. They hand out tiny little plastic beer mugs and then allow you to sample different craft brews. The hard cider and Abita’s Purple Haze were my personal favorites. The venue included a band, cornhole games, and the ever popular food trucks. 


We all agreed the Bahn Mi from the Lemongrass truck was the best choice. Delish, but why no Sauca? Anyhow, on our way out we stopped to join a Greenpeace protest of KFC. Seriously, now that I’m boycotting KFC and Chic Fil A, my fast food chicken options are rapidly decreasing. If I hadn’t given up fast food altogether when I left suburbia I would be sorta concerned.


We strolled all around the city (thanks for nothing Siri!) and found NPR and a beautiful public library with interesting art. 


Finally we made it to Chinatown to hop on the Metro.


The trains weren’t busy so we snagged some seats and enjoyed the rides to Capital South.


Upon arrival we hoofed it over to the Botanical Gardens. If you haven’t ever been to a botanical garden before you should absolutely visit this one. Then you won’t reallize how small it is compared to many others! Despite the diminutive size, the gardens are lush and lovely. 


They are divided into several different sections. I particularly enjoyed the Hawaiian section, and not just because it was the coldest! It also has beautiful water features. There is a fantastic skywalk that allows you to walk around the perimiter of the Jungle Room as well and provides lovely views of the capital.


As we left, we discovered one of the presidential monuments. For those of you keeping score at home, this monument was for James Garfield. It sits just across the street from the gardens and just south of the capital. 


Heading back to the Metro, we discovered another protest! This was the Anti Frack Attack or the Stop Fracking March. I texted in my support. Fracking is bad, very bad.



Afterwards, Evelyn and Jenni climed a tree to get out of the heat. But climbing trees and protesting is thirsty work. Which is totally was totally why we stopped into the Tortilla Coast for a frosty pitcher of margaritas. 


And a special message for my local friends, the Jalepeno Bacon margaritas won’t be available again until after September. Who know that was a seasonal beverage…


Thirst quenched, we headed across the river for a spot of shopping on King Street. 


We had dinner at Aquaviva (have the tripleta sandwich, thank me later) and then rounded out the evening with some fantastic skee ball and shuffleboard at the Light Horse. 


A fantastic day with fantastic friends and two items checked off the list! Winning!

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