Sherri and Evelyn’s Big Adventure

Ever feel like your life is a movie plot? Evelyn and I decided to spend the weekend in the mountains maintaining my Hilton Honors Diamond status and using some of our Living Social vouchers.


Evelyn picked me up early so we’d have time to hit the outlet malls on our way.


After a quick lunch at Wegmans, we headed to the Leesburg Outlets. The trip to the outlets was super productive, but took a lot longer than we anticipated which caused us to miss the first winery on our agenda. Thankfully, we still had time to visit the Mediterranean Cellars.


Afterwards,we stumbled across Marterella Wineray, which had better wine AND wine slushies! Bonus!


That’s when things took a turn towards the absurd. First we ran very low on gas.


We drove into Warrenton to fill up and noticed a Tiffany Blue colored convertable bug on a lot next to the station. Evelyn said “We should stop and look…”


After drooling over the beautiful car, we headed to dinner at a lovely little establishment called Twisted Sisters. Apparently the name of the restaurant had nothing to do with their musical selection, since we were forced to endure county music throughout the meal. The seafood was delicious though and we had plenty of time to google financing options.


After a lovely stay in the lovely town of Winchester, we headed over to the Luray Caverns, by way of Dinosaur Land.


Waiting in line to get in, we were surrounded by cub scouts and treated to the melodic sounds of a pan flute band. With amplification. When we finally got inside, they had a self guided tour, with random tour guides who imparted lots of useless information about cave formations, “there are hundreds of kinds of stalactites all of which I will tell you about right now”.


We snagged some Subway sandwiches on our way out and up to Skyline Drive for a picnic. 


The views were stunning. 


We ate a quick lunch (nats) and then headed down the mountain. A quick trip to a local farmers marked netted some pumpkin butter, cherry apple cider, and a few peaches. 


Evelyn made friends with some of the locals before we headed on our way.


On our way back, we drove through Warrenton. Since the Tiffany Bug was still on the lot, it seemed like a great time to stop for a test drive. 


When we got back to the lot, Evelyn unleashed her super negotiator skills and I fired up the Google machine. We talked the dealer down and inked the deal. 


Evelyn and I headed back to the winery with the wine slushies to celebrate.


The end!


About isherri

I'm a family engagement expert who travels for work and for pleasure. In fact, I’m half hippy, half clown, latte sipping, brunch munching, MINI driving, rabid social media enthusiast.
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