Celebrating the Holidays with the Obamas Part Deux

I love my job! Mostly because of my talented and dedicated co-workers, but also because of the incredible opportunities it provides. I can build programs that help families all over the world, train families and school leaders to develop the skills that help students succeed, and hang out with people who win tickets to an Open House at the White House during the holiday season!


Sharlene won two tickets to visit the White House and I was able to tag along. Our friends Jeff and Victoria also accompanied us. Fritzi was there, but so was her daughter so she obviously couldn’t join us for our pregame activities. We started our evening by parking at the Williard and walking through their fabulously decorated lobby.


Super convenient, it’s located a block from where we entered the White House. Fortunatly, it’s not far from the Oceaniare either, which was where we decided to begin our adventures.


The Oceanaire has a great happy hour with crabcake sliders, fish tacos (I’m a purist and can’t eat those on the east coast, but they did look good when Jeff got them) and a really, really good Prosecco Sangria.


We decided to head up the road and visit a few of our other favorite spots. Sadly, there was no room at the Inn when we stopped at Chef Goeff’s or the M&S Grill. We pushed on and Sharlene led us to Cieba. Although happy hour was over, we decided to have a cocktail and a snack. Ifyou have a chance to visit, I highly recommend the Cuban. Also, the guacamole was amazing!

Feeling pretty fortified, we decided to head over to the White House to get in line.


Fritzi was way ahead of us and we never saw her, though she texted us when she made it through. Victoria and her boyfriend joined us there.


There were two different security spots, and we made it through both with no problem.


We entered the East Wing. The holiday decorations were breathtaking. My favorite tree looked like it was decorated in giant skittles. 


But I also enjoyed the patriotic tree set up by Joining Forces. We paused there to send some holiday wishes to the troops.


We walked past the entrance to the West Wing, but the really hot secret service man prevented us from entering.


We oogled the official gingerbread house…


And more fancy Christmas trees…


Before posing for a picture under the presidential seal.


The tour ended at the back door and we lingered for a bi
t to listen to the carolers who were belting out songs for our listening pleasure.


We waved goodbye and stepped out onto the porch.




Wish you were here!



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I'm a family engagement expert who travels for work and for pleasure. In fact, I’m half hippy, half clown, latte sipping, brunch munching, MINI driving, rabid social media enthusiast.
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