An Urban Staycation Part 1: Baltimore Aquarium

And so the quest to maintain my diamond status at the Hilton continues…


This weekend Sharlene planned an “urban staycation” itinerary that involved a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium and an urban cirque de something I can’t remember. My roommate Erin rode up with us and we picked up Sharlene’s little sister Pinkus on the way.


Once we arrived Daniel and Mitchell joined us and we headed over the the Inner Harbor for Happy Hour. 


There was no wait for a table, but service wasn’t quick so we only had time for a cocktail and an appetizer. 


Daniel and Erin left to work on their choreography for the post aquarium activities…


while Sharlene, Pinkus, Mitchell and I headed out to the Aquarium. 


Late night at the Aquarium means much smaller crowds. Sadly, it also means no monkeys. Apparently they put them away at night. But we did see lots of other interesting sites!


The Aquarium is very large with lots of escalators that take you from level to level.


My favorites were the sharks, who looked really, really hungry…


And the dolphins who were merrily swimming in circles…


And of course the jellyfish.


The Aquarium was great and if you get a chance you should totally visit!



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