A Delicate Balance Between Work and Play

Jenni and I did have a little work to accomplish while we were together and though we tried to work on the beach, we hadn’t gotten a lot done! We decided to meet in my room. We were making great progress until a surprise visitor crashed the party by hopping over my patio wall.


Surprise visitor

Do you have any idea how loud peacocks are? Wow.


Peacocks scream. Loud.

When we finished we spent a little time at the pool…


Pool side refreshment

and then Jenni took Hudson over to the Adventure Park.


Hudson on the high wire

Afterwards we all headed back to the beach.


The beach at Punta Cana

We walked back to the tropical side so Jenni could pay for the ride on the inner tubes yesterday and I discovered more Dominican art. Again, so much more positive than that creepy art in Prague! Plus these statues are dancing on a beach!


Tropical statues

My favorite part of this vacation has been lying on the beach under the giant tiki umbrellas watching the ships roll by.


Ships and parachutes glide by

When Jenni and Hudson headed back to the adventure park, I wandered back to the VIP pool. I snagged a tiki bed near the bar and lounged.


Tiki beds

We had reservations that night for the Thai restaurant. Hudson decided to ditch us and go to the Gabi for a quick bite before he went to the arcade. We were a little early for our reservation, so Pablo, our incredibly helpful concierge made arrangements for Jenni and I to have a carriage ride. He said it was Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic and it was his way of honoring us! Sadly, the carriage was tied up at a wedding but it would pick us up after dinner for a late night ride around the property.


Thai food in the Dominican Republic, unexpectedly delicious!

The Thai restaurant was packed. We were seated between two lovely American couples and since the service was very laid back, we all had a bit of time to chat! I had hot and spicy shrimp with cashews, Jenni had shrimp pad Thai. Mine was delicious. Jenni was less impressed.

We headed out and Frankie whisked us away in his horse-drawn carriage for a late night ride around the property.


More fun Dominican statuary

Wish you were here!





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