Paradise Found

Since Jenni and Hudson aren’t early risers, I decided to order The Dominican Breakfast from room service and catch up on some of my schoolwork. Turns out The Dominican was enough food to feed a large family!


The Dominican Breakfast

The Dominican included bacon, which I found too salty, a sausage, fried banana, ham and cheese omelette, a plate full of fresh tropical fruits, and a basket with assorted rolls and pastry. The omelette and the fresh fruit were the best parts, but I tried a bit of everything.


Tropical fruit in the tropics.

When Jenni got up I went with her to the Gabi restaurant where she had her usual, peanut butter (with toast since they didn’t have bagels) a banana and a coke light.


Jenni can’t escape the Coke Light

We walked over to the VIP lounge to find out how to get to Bingo and Hudson finally got up, grabbed a plate of food and joined us.

Bingo was on the beach. There were about 20 of us playing. They handed us toothpicks and small strips of paper with three rows of random numbers from 1 to 99. We sat on a beach chair under a palm tree and when they called a number we had, we punched a hole in the paper with the toothpicks. The first person to get an entire row called out Bingo and got a free t-shirt. The next person had to get two rows and they also got a t-shirt. The final round involved getting all of your numbers in all three rows. Things were getting tense when the Bingo caller announced that he was out of numbers. Turns out the numbers on the cards went as high as 99, but they only had balls as high as 75. When it looked like the remaining players might riot, I made my escape and ducked into the beachside souvenir shop.


Beach Bingo

Hudson discovered that the tropical beach side pool had an inflatable climbing wall, so his afternoon plans were set. I caught a train back to my room to pick up some cash for a little souvenir shopping and Jenni planted herself on the beach with a good book.


Enjoying a train ride

By the time I made it back, it was lunch time. There was a lunch buffet right next to the water, so we went there. From our table we could see the local JC Pennys and they were doing a brisk trade!


Punta Cana JC Pennys

After lunch, Jenni and Hudson decided to go inner tubing. This wasn’t included in the all-inclusive rate and none of us had any cash. They told Jen she could just ride then and pay later so her and Hudson hopped on the Great Big Mabel and took off. I snapped a few pictures and then headed off to find a lounge chair under an umbrella.


Jenni and Hudson mounting the Great Big inner tube

Few things are more relaxing than lounging on the beach listening to the wind rustle the palms while watching the pirate ships sail by off shore…


Pirate ships

When they returned, thankfully in one piece, we caught the train back to our rooms to spend a little time in the VIP pool.


The view from the caboose

The train took the long way, past the flamingos and all the way around the property.


Tropical Wildlife

Hudson and I jumped in the pool. I was in it for the pool bar…


Tropical drinks. In the tropics!

Hudson was in it to ride the inflatable alligator.


Hudson wrestles alligator

Everyone was a winner. When we tired of the fun, we went back to the Gabi for dinner. Once again, the grilled lobster tail was amazing and totally justified the upgrade!


What’s left of the grilled lobster

We caught a golf cart over to the Arcade and finished up our evening with a few rounds of pool.


Pool hall

Hard to imagine how we’ll top today tomorrow!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Super Jealous! Looks like a fabulous time!


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