Heading Home

My saddest days are the days I have to fly home from vacation, though I don’t have long to wait for my next one! Jenni and Delaney had a very early flight and were on their way home before I even work up. I had time to finish packing, hit the executive lounge for a quick breakfast, and walk across the street to catch the City Airport Train.


I heart trains!

The train is a direct shot to the airport and only takes 15 minutes with comfy seats and video screens.


Fancy ride to the airport

Once I arrived at the airport it was quite a hike to the Air France counter. Also, the lack of signs had me going in the wrong direction a few times! Eventually I found it, and checked my bag. That’s right, I checked it! I never check bags at home, but Air France limits the combined weight of all your carry on bags and since I had quite a bit of chocolate in there…

We boarded the flight to Paris pretty quickly. I was sitting next to some hot young British guys. We were in Premium Economy, which I believe I’ve already mentioned the French take very seriously! They brought a lovely breakfast that included a fresh macaroon and a glass of champagne.


No idea what this was but it was DELICIOUS!

Sadly, our flight was a little behind schedule and by the time we landed at Charles de Gaulle I only had an hour until my next flight took off. This was a challenge, since I’d apparently landed in Terminal A and had to find Terminal L. Most of the signs are in French. Also, you have to pass through passport control in a random place (in the middle of a hallway), that involves standing in line, though I got into the elite line because of my premium economy seat! By the time I found my gate, they were already boarding, but thankfully there was a Laduree cart right next to the gate!



I enjoyed the flight tremendously. The food was good, the wine was plentiful, and the seat had a footrest and a power outlet. I watched Guardians of the Galaxy (again, two thumbs up), Her (I dozed off in the middle and missed the sexy computer scenes though from the looks of my seat mates they hadn’t), The Queen (outstanding!) and The Adjustment Bureau (Matt Damon is hawt!). When the plane finally landed, I made it through customs in less than five minutes. Global entry, baby! Sadly, it took another 20 to recover my bag and then 10 minutes on the curb while I waited for the parking shuttle. By the time I loaded up my car and left the lot, it was raining steadily and the height of rush hour. It’s good to be home?


DC traffic welcomes me back!





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  1. Ali says:

    Another fun adventure


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