Happy Christmas, Everyone!

Happy Christmas, friends!

Happy Christmas, friends!

The morning started late. ‘Cause we are really far from the equator! I was up well before the sun, but since Amanda, Kyle, and Scott are really, really young they obviously weren’t. I caught up on some blog posts while I was waiting for them. By the time they got up and texted me, I was ready to go and grabbed their gifts and headed out!

When I arrived, Amanda had already fixed some delicious breakfast burritos. It was the second actual meal I’ve had in this country!

Best breakfast burrito I've ever had. Thanks Amanda!

Best breakfast burritos I’ve ever had. Thanks Amanda!

Our presents were arranged under the tree, or in this case beside the tree.

They aren't really giant presents. It's a tiny tree.

They aren’t really giant presents. It’s a tiny tree.

Amanda gave me a delicious chocolate lock and key and a beautiful print of Scotland from a local artist.

Places I've seen, people I've wanted to see.

Places I’ve seen, people I’ve wanted to see.

She loved the mug I got her.


Amanda is super passionate about her tea time.

I’d gotten Magic Mike for Kyle (in the hopes that he’d want to watch it right away since I haven’t seen it yet. Sadly, that didn’t work out because he was all about the Christmas movies). I got Scott a book of rap lyrics broken down so you and your grandparents can understand them. If I have time I might need to pick up another one of those. It was very funny and super useful!

After lunch, Amanda suggested a walk to Coltan Hill. It’s a hill that overlooks much of the city and has several Scottish monuments. To get there we strolled down the Royal Mile. Along the way we saw a street performer…


At one point there were flaming torches…

Helpful tips for American tourists…


We couldn’t figure out the first word we aren’t supposed to say. So apologies if it’s slipped out!

And random monuments.


I wish there was a way to stream the Chariots of Fire theme for you while you read this.

At the end of the Royal Mile is Holyrood Palace. Scott hadn’t been yet so we walked around the side so he could see it. It was still glorious!

We walked through a cemetery outside of Cannongate Kirk. Lots of old tombstones!


The ivy in only on one stone… I wonder why???

Some of them were really creepy.


Do not want to visit here late at night…

We stopped next to the Robert Burns Monument to check out the city below.


We did this instead of tea time. #healthychoices

Then we climbed till we reached the summit of Calton Hill. At the top, there’s a fantastic view of the Firth of Forth flowing into the North Sea.


Why hello, Firth of Forth!

The top of the hill is also the site of the National Monument. Intended as a tribute to soldiers and sailors of the Napoleonic Wars, it was never finished because of lack of funds. I thought it was pretty impressive nonetheless!


Unfinished but still magnificent

Also on Calton Hill was the City Observatory, the Political Martyrs Monument, the Dugald Stewart Monument, and the Nelson Monument. I’m not sure which is which!

Stairway to heaven?

Stairway to heaven?

We walked back to the flat on the North Bridge, through the Royal Mile, and across Grassmarket. Since we weren’t ready for dinner, we decided to pick up Kyle and hit a pub for a pint first. We walked over the The Bee Hive Inn.

It was incredibly festive.

Just screams Christmas Day pub, no?

Just screams Christmas Day pub, no?

And the Guinness was delicious.

The more I drank, the better it got!

The more I drank, the better it got!

After a few pints we went back to the flat to finish up our Christmas day with the perfect Christmas movie, About, A Boy, three units.

Once you open your door to one person, anyone can come in… Happy Christmas, friends!

Why look, the Waldorf Astoria left me some treats!

Why look, the Waldorf Astoria left me some treats!

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