The Day Flat Colin Came to Town

My first assignment as the official Blogger for DCMM and I was unable to attend. Lucky for me I know people…

Flat Colin is actually from Ohio, but has been at Minis on the Dragon (MOTD) for many years and has gotten to know quite a few of our DCMM members. He drives a Justa Cooper, but super fast! I’d heard stories about him even before I heard he was coming to town. Flat Colin is one of the fastest drivers at MOTD and while I doubt if I could keep up, apparently Mark and Tyler love to drive with him.


Flat Colin is a celebrity. A super fast celebrity.


He was staying at Rey’s house, which apparently has a magnificent basement. Colin said it was like a suite and he really enjoyed staying there. I’m not surprised, when we had the MOTD Caravan Meet Up there, the rest of the house looked quite lovely. We should all try to wrangle an invitation!

There were 18 DCMM folks attending the event at the Musashi Japanese Steakhouse in Gainesville. As soon as Flat Colin arrived the chanting began, “Dragon run! Dragon run!” Among the crowd were Ali and Mark, Haemish and Susan, Jim and Jennifer, Tyler and Sara, German and Krystal, Hilary, Celia, and Rey, Jesse and their adorable kids.


I got this photo recently and nobody could remember what Tyler was doing when they captured this shot.


Turns out Flat Colin has an unnatural love of Tootsie Rolls. He takes them everywhere he goes and he must have quite a stash given the number he was dropping at the DCMM event. There was some hilarity at dinner as he tossed them at Ali across two grills. He even made an epic shot that landed in her iced tea! Had I been there, I’d have captured a photo but alas…


DCMM members sure know how to have a good time!

Before they left they captured a group shot.


Flat Colin hunted down a stranger in the parking lot to capture the group photo. There were a lot of group photos to chose from, apparently the stranger was channeling his inner Alicyn Drew and shot quite a few!

And Colin left a few treats for Ali… on her dash, in her boot, even tossing them in while she took her top off!


Tootsie Rolls were everywhere that night, my friends!

Hope I am in town the next time Flat Colin visits, looks like a lot of fun!

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1 Response to The Day Flat Colin Came to Town

  1. Ali says:

    An amazingly accurate account from someone that wasn’t there. You captured the spirit


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