Just Another #DCMM Happy Hour at Ted’s

The DC Metro Mini Club sure knows how to have a good time! This week the good time was at Ted’s Bulletin in Merrifields. We’d been there before with The American Job guys and they were so kind to seat all 20 of us again, we were eager to revisit them!

I arrived early and so did Laura. She parked Cricket right next to My Precious because Ted’s also has lots of parking options but we’d arranged to meet at the top of the Target parking deck so we mod My Precious before the group arrived.


Helping Laura install my newest vinyl.

Afterwards we walked over to Ted’s to secure our club table. We were a small group so Ali had suggested we stay in the bar area. It’s got a large table that seats 8 and the last time we had the entire area to ourselves. Rey and Melissa arrived first and we all ordered our drinks.


Rey is very good at smizing.

Melissa and I caught up on what’s been going on since the #MOTD13


Former roommates, it’s good to keep in touch!

Ali arrived next and then we really started having fun!


Remembering our Wifi Run at #MOTD13

Hilary, Alex, and Craig showed up while the rest of us were reminiscing about our adventures on the Dragon but talk soon turned to a new adventure, Minis on the Mack! Suddenly I realized I really, really can’t miss that, somebody has to blog it, amiright?


I don’t know what was going on at the other end of the table but I do know this. Ali, Melissa, and I had a good time!

We all ordered dinner and then we settled in for a long discussion about our favorite things… our Minis and where we can take them next! Laura reported that she’d found a site for the DCMM annual picnic and had been trying to check on the available dates. Apparently the super helpful park staff had told her the pavilion “may have availability on the days that it isn’t reserved.”

We discussed a possible Pot Luck Picnic Run to Sky Meadows State Park. As a state park employee (it’s just one of my jobs) I was tasked with confirming the costs and logistics.


Rey has great posture and manly hair. We all agreed that Alex, Craig, and Haemish should consider growing their hair out as well.

Craig arrived and we talked some more about the Dragon, because #MOTD13 was kinda like the most fun week EVAH. Then Ali arranged for a birthday surprise for Laura!


This was before Ali fingered the cake. It was still delicious and frosted with marshmallows! Thanks for celebrating your birthday with us Laura!

After some more strategizing for enhancing our club’s bingo skills (and if any of you know where we can acquire dobbers in bulk, please comment below!) and of course stickers. Ali complained that her commuter car Fluffy is not as fun as Tigger (Fluffy has no soul and is NOT a Mini).


This was also before Ali fingered the cake. It was really tall, like 10 or 12 layers or something!

And then Haemish joined us as well.


Hamish working on his lumberjack look but refuses to consider growing manly hair like Rey.

We lingered for a while because nobody wanted to leave while Haemish was finishing his dinner and because we were having a fantastic time. Everyone had parked in the Target garage so we all walked over and of course paused for our group selfie.


These are my people!

Melissa and I had parked together and when we got to our cars we discovered they’d found a friend!


Cabrio sandwich. No, wait, adorable carbrio sandwich!

It was a long lonely drive home. It’s always sad to leave my people. Until I open my car door…


Always cheers me up!

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    Best blog evah!!!!

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