The Day I Worked at the Alicyn Drew Photography Studio

You may remember that I had my amazing head shots done by my close personal friend and photography phenom Alicyn Drew. With just a few keystrokes she can transport you (or your Mini) almost anywhere in the world! She also takes amazing fashion and boudoir pictures and needed an assistant for a shoot. I’d helped her out at the Minis On the Dragon and it was great fun so I could not wait to help out in the studio!

Ali’s model was our friend Brandy. She wanted some sultry boudoir shots to send to her husband after he deploys this summer (we are going to miss you, Corey!). I picked up some coffee (like any good assistant would) and headed over to the studio.

Hard to drive My Precious without spilling. I had to go a little slower than normal and let's just say that not the way I usually take the corners.

Hard to drive My Precious without spilling. I had to go a little slower than normal and let’s just say that is not the way I usually take the corners, my friends.

Everyone else arrived right on time and Brandy’s friend Jackie joined us as well. The studio is a converted industrial space with a few different rooms rented by the hour. It was perfect for our shoot! All we had to do was rearrange things a bit…


The studio before we began moving lights and furniture.

Brandy had brought her wardrobe and some serious shoes.


Seriously, Brandy has some really impressive shoes. I could never fill them!

I was also prepared. I really like Brandy and Corey so I brought a big part of my tiara collection in case she wanted to borrow any to glam things up.


Seriously, I have some really impressive tiaras. Brandi and Ali nixed my flower crown right away but that made sense, this definitely called for some sparkle.

And I was ready to help Ali out.


The best assistants carry everything they need to take care of their photographer and ensure they stay moisturized.

Ali put the lights in place to start things off.


This light was really dangerous. Very top heavy. It’s a christmas miracle that it didn’t tip over and kill one of us!

I had to get in position so she could check them.


Yes, lights look good. Lights look REAL good!

Everything looked great and Brandy came out. She looked amazing! I’d show you the pictures but I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for Corey. Take it from me he’s a very lucky man! Jackie plumped up a few of the important bits (boobs) and stepped in to adjust various straps and hair. Ali began shooting and I DJed the entire event. I’d tried to pick songs that would put everyone “in the mood” and pay homage to Brandy’s love of 80s music. After the first few poses, Ali decided to add some extra lights to the headboard.


A photographer’s assistant plays many roles, my friends. DJ, lighting crew, artistic design crew, chief Chapstick holder, fan operator… The list is endless.

We took a few more and then Ali opened the floor for suggested poses. I suggested a shot on her knees looking back at the camera. Brandy tried it and it looked fantastic, but that was easy for her to do since she’s one of the most beautiful models in the world. And then suddenly I was thinking of my future career as a stylist!

Brandy finally agreed to pose with a tiara. I gave her the blingiest one. She looked like a slutty beauty queen. Best shot of the day if you ask me! I also talked Ali into trying one on as well, because I think every woman should sparkle!


Ali wanted to get low to shoot Brady on the settee. That’s when Brandy glammed it up with one of my sparkliest tiaras. Best shot of the day!

She looked stunning, and so did Ali!


Ali looked really, really fantastic in my tiara. I wonder when her birthday will be coming up…

We packed up our gear when the shoot ended and headed out to the parking lot. While we were standing around talking about the shoot I decided to mod my car again and add my new Dragon Slayer license plate frame. Sadly, the screws Passport Mini had used were not the proper screws for the bolt holes and I had a really hard time getting my Mini Fillini Badge Holder back on. Ali and Brandy tried to help, but it wasn’t working. Ali suggested I visit the newest #DCMM vendor David Rockwell at Liberty Automotive on North Henry Street (if you need an automotive shop, run don’t walk, this one is the very best!) She sent him a text to let him know I was on my way.

David was waiting for me and waved me in as I drove up. I pulled in next to a beautiful Mini with a custom paint job (David’s car and he’s going to pass it down to his daughter when she learns to drive a stick shift “well enough”).


There was a Mini outside and a Mini inside the garage. It’s clearly a Mini friendly shop!

David was amazing. I will never take My Precious to any other garages, ever! It took him a while to find bolts that would fit, but he refused to quit. Even when I offered to just take her to the dealer! He finally found some, added my badges, screwed everything in, and told me if I had any problems to just come back and he’d replace the piece that everything screws into. He gave me a high five and sent me on my way!


I am officially a Dragon Slayer now. Thanks Liberty Automotive! Joining the DCMM club was the second best decision I’ve ever made!

It’s a good thing I bought a Mini, joined a club, made new friends, and volunteered to help out at a photo shoot!

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I'm a family engagement expert who travels for work and for pleasure. In fact, I’m half hippy, half clown, latte sipping, brunch munching, MINI driving, rabid social media enthusiast.
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  1. Ali says:

    Awesome blog, you captured the day


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