#EpicMINIRally Finish Line

When the last car rolled out of the Cheeky Checkpoint, Melissa and I headed over to PTuning for the scoring and trophy ceremony. By the time we arrived most of the teams had as well!

Caravan of two to the finish line!

Caravan of two to the finish line!

Catalina was welcoming teams across the finish line. She’d strung up some paparazzi and checkered flags and was bouncing around with my silver pompoms so it was very exciting when we finally got there!

Catalina at the Finish Line

The perfect way to end a Rally! Thanks Catalina!

Most of the teams were inside PTuning enjoying some punch and pie.

punch and pie

Punch and pie

And minion pops (thanks PTuning!)

Minion Pops

Putting provided the MINIons!

They’d set up the scoreboard, though obviously nobody working the event had bothered to read my Run of Show or Whiteboard Mock Up… not that I’m bitter… much…

Team Man with Coffee’s fan club had arrived and were mingling with a good part of Team Rocket.

Kids playing at Finish Line

A car rally brings all the folks together!

There was a lot of excitement when the scoring finally began. We tried to list the teams in order of seniority to give our newest members the biggest advantage! Team DILLIGAF went first and promptly gave all of their extra bonus miles to Team OEM.

Ali as MC

Ali allowed each team to decide how to apply their mileage coupons, deducting them from their own scores or adding them to a competitors and by competitor apparently that meant Haemish!

Team OEM responded by giving the same number of miles back to Team DILLIGAF. That’s when our Ultimate Authority (Hilary, because who could argue with her, really?) stepped in. While she wanted to recognize the sheer depth of Team OEMs cheating, she also didn’t want him to have an unfair advantage by creating his own “golden ticket” mileage coupons. She decreed that he could keep half of the miles he’d accrued using his strategy to get the judges to bribe him and the other half would have to be used to benefit other teams! Genius!

The epic cheating by Team OEM backfires when the Ulitmate Authority stripped him of half his invented points and awarded them to other competitors!

The epic cheating by Team OEM backfires when the Ulitmate Authority stripped him of half his invented points and awarded them to other competitors!

Team OEM threw his penalty miles to the newbies and scoring continued. Team Coupe came out of nowhere (though clearly Haemish saw him coming a mile away) and racked up the bonus miles. Craig continued the trend of handing over extra miles to Team OEM and then all the other teams joined in to pile on as well.

Team Lillith deciding where to spend their mileage coupons

Team Lillith deciding to put their extra miles… In Haemish’s column! Surprise!

As the official Marketing Subcommittee and primary event planners, Melissa and Ali and I took the privilege of awarding the final bonus miles. Ali gave miles to anyone wearing orange, and Melissa rewarded anyone who used a paper map and then it all came down to me…

Score Board

The final scores came down to me and my passionate commitment to extend the reach of the DC Metro MINIs beyond our own social networks… But wait, did someone actually hashtag #SherriRocks? Why yes they did! #Winning

I decided to reward anyone who had utilized social media to promote the event and began to ask who’d posted on social media channels and that’s when I learned about the #SherriRocks hashtag Team Dynamo had created… And used! I threw them thirty bonus miles, bumping them up to second place.

Team Dynamo takes second

Sorry I suck at the maths Team Dynamo! I should have given you 32 points. Let’s try again next year! #SherriWillStillRock

After the final scores were tallied, Team Britt pulled out the victory (Homies!)

Team Britt takes first place

Team Britt celebrating their well deserved victory, though not with Jack in the Box tacos like they deserve. But at least we had pie and punch!

My favorite Team Dynamo came in second (sob, sorry about my math skills, boys)… And somehow, no one really knows quite sure how, Craig Baron walked away with the third place prize.

Team Coupe takes third

Stealthy, quiet, you never see him coming until he sweeps away with your third place trophy… Team Coupe!

We didn’t have any pictures from the Shiny Checkpoint, but they did bring the art back to the finish line and before everyone left we showed them off!

I'd hang tis on my wall, Team Veloz.

I’d hang this on my wall, Team Veloz.


Way to capture the color, Team Ramrod


Love Team Rocket’s Youified MINI!


Guessing this is Team Max but it’s so MINI it is hard to tell!

After all the trophies were handed out, the punch and pie consumed, there was only one thing left to do…

Waiting for scores

Wrapping up the event and heading next door to the brewery for the first after party!

After party at the Brewery!

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