The #EpicMINIRally Cheeky Checkpoint

Melissa and I had to haul ass to beat the teams headed to the Cheeky Checkpoint! When we arrived, we discovered there wasn’t much parking left. Who knew the Riverbend Park would be so popular on a hot summer day?


We put on our Cheeky Checkpoint shirts and set up our props quickly and just in time!

We moved a picnic table close to  the intersection of the parking lot and the boat ramp. We changed shirts, dumped out the props and staged our posters. Team Ramrod was the first to arrive and they choose to display the “Melissa and Sherri are the Coolest Chicks in #DCMETROMINIS” sign which was obviously worth more points.

Team Ramrod at the Cheeky Checkpoint

Team Ramrod was the first to arrive and is that Blue Steel Nick is throwing? Should have reviewed the footage, that would have earned extra miles!

After Team Ramrod left, Melissa and I had more time to rearrange our props and check out our selfie set up.


Checking our selfie set up.

Team Celia’s Dad rolled in next.


Team Celia’s Dad selected the most valuable poster. Wise man, excellent choice.

Then Team Roxie arrived and also made some wise choices.


Team Roxie chose super stylish hats to go with their stylish team uniforms.

Team Coupe pulled in and Craig opted for double hats and double signs.

Craig Baron at the Cheeky Checkpoint

Double mileage coupons for Team Coupe!

The teams were beginning to roll in faster and faster. In fact, they were rolling in faster than the parking lot could clear out.


Hey look, Team Man with Coffee selected the most valuable poster and the most valuable head wear! But the park ranger was right behind him.

Team Max arrived carrying an adorable kid and valuable loot to bribe the judges.


Melissa and I agreed that Team Max totally won the Cheeky Checkpoint Challenge with their excellent use of props, selection of the best poster and high quality bribes.

About that time the park rangers arrived. Thankfully they didn’t notice the bribes Team Max had left for us among all of our fun props.


Liquor and chocolate. Team Max paid attention to the clues and found the way to our hearts.

Team Lillith, Team Britt, and Team DILLIGAF showed up while we were being rousted.


Happy birthday to Valerie on Team Lillith! Oh wait, here come the park rangers…

The park rangers had arrived and were forcing us to move our station up the hill. They must have been delighted to arrive just as Team DILLIGAF pulled in with their blatant appeal to all the single ladies.


A man with treats! #ManWithCupcake

We begged the rangers to let us shoot a couple of selfies before we packed up.


Brandy the Team DILLIGAF driver also forgot her pants.

I think they just wanted to see some of the teams move along really, really quickly so they let us take a few more selfies.


A special treat for the us all when Corey from Team DILLIGAF posed with the only best poster and a sparkly tiara.

As Melissa and I frantically scrambled to stash the vodka and pack up our props, Team Britt arrived and kindly offered to help out.


Team Britt earned extra bonus miles for being so helpful. It was almost like having Craig Baron there!

As we moved, I also discovered they were from San Diego! We spent a bit of time discussing important things like Padres, Chargers, and burritos in a bag.

Team Britt at the Cheeky Checkpoint

Team Britt, my people! #GoPadres #GoChargers #BringMeABurritoInABag or an #InAndOutBurger

And then as they pulled out, Team Rocket pulled in.


Team Rocket chose both signs. And look at the park ranger photo bombing us and keeping a helpful eye on our traffic!

Team Veloz showed up and wisely chose the coolest sign.


Team Veloz picked the best poster. So smart!

The final teams all arrived at the same time. Team OEM came over first, though we considered penalizing them for taking pictures without us along the way.


Team OEM brought their own hats, too. We’d have taken off points for that but apparently it’s an exact replica of the one the Stig wears. Only blue.

And my favorite team, Team Dynamo showed up at the same time.

Team Dynamo at the Cheeky Checkpoint

Who says the judges can’t play favorites? #Sherrirocks amiright Team Dynamo?

Sadly, Team Dynamo, coming all the way from Richmond, was the farthest behind in terms of mileage. I was going to have to work really hard to help them come back from THAT!

Team OEM waited for everyone else to leave so nobody would witness the sneaky bribery that they’d planned. In addition to the personalized swag bags, they’d also brought a Golden Bag that would apparently be given to the judges who bribed THEM the most. Way to turn the tables, Haemish! (Sorry Susan, I realize you had little to do with his nefarious plot and only suffered from being in the wrong place at the wrong time!)


To sweeten the pot, Team OEM had a portable bar with chilled glasses and mixed us some ice cold drinks. Well played, Haemish, it was awful hot…

Melissa and I took a break to rehydrate.


It’s important to stay hydrated.

And then the sucking up continued while Haemish helped us load our props into our MINIs


Tasty cold beverages, worth a few extra mileage coupons, no?

When we finished we packed up and headed to the finish line to check on the scores and root for the teams…

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I'm a family engagement expert who travels for work and for pleasure. In fact, I’m half hippy, half clown, latte sipping, brunch munching, MINI driving, rabid social media enthusiast.
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  1. Ali Drew says:

    I love how the judges change their hats with each team


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