DCMM Annual Costume Contest

It was a small but determined crowd who turned out for the Passport MINI Annual Costume Contest. DCMM President Ali Drew was the first to arrive and was busy turning Tigger into a “Bad S” when my friend Dave and I arrived.


Attaching Tigger’s spiked collar. Totally badass.

We parked next to her and watched as she plastidipped her design and handily secured the SuckUp Award.


Nobody can compete with Ali for the Suck Up Award. She’s perfected her technique.

Laura arrived and set up an entire tableau around her MINI.


Laura constructed a complex tableau that involved Barbie driving Ken’s car!

German pulled in and we all watched in wonder as he began attaching a series of black and yellow Solo cups to his car.


It took us a few seconds to figure out where German was going with all of his solo cups. He’d actually attached magnets in each one to keep them on the car!

Finally Yana arrived with the cutest contestants of the day! They pulled in with MINI Mouse ears and skirt already attached, which was very impressive! Then they further dazzled the crowd when an entire troupe of Mouseketeers.


Absolutely the cutest competitors in the competition, we all agreed!

The judges wandered through and My Precious was immediately disqualified because of her costume.


Not my fault Austin Power’s time machine was a Volkswagon, I was staying true to the concept but got disqualified from the competition!

The Mouseketeers won a participation prize (and as the cutest competitors, it was highly deserved!)


Well deserved participation prize for the Mouseketeers!

Dave won an honorable mention prize for his smashing Austin Powers costume.


Smashing, baby!

Ali won the coveted SuckUp award everyone else is too intimidated to compete for!


Ali’s model Melissa’s Ouija Board socks were also totally badass and clearly all signs pointed to Ali once again winning the coveted Suck Up Award.

Laura’s Barbie tribute also won an honorable mention. The grand prize however, was awarded to German for his amazing Lego MINI.


Lego MINI. Brilliant! Well deserved grand prize recipient German holds up his shiny new MINI bag!

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1 Response to DCMM Annual Costume Contest

  1. Ali says:

    Awesome recap!!! It feels like this was just yesterday!


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