Dublin Day

The drive to the Morrison involved driving right through the heart of Dublin and along the River Liffey. Since it was a Doubletree property, I’d gotten with a sweet rate with my Hilton points, but I wasn’t sure about the parking. I pulled into the alley behind the hotel and went in to find out where the car park was located.

The super nice guy who helped me told me he wasn’t sure if the car park was open because it was a bank holiday but he would check and in the meantime he offered to check me in. We chatted for a while and he tole me he was a Dubliner, but he’s never seen much of the rest of Ireland and he’d never been to the Connemara. Afterwards I parked and then popped back in to leave my luggage.

I’d picked up a map and it was only a five minute walk across the river to the castle.


Crossing the River Liffey

The views from the bridge were fantastic.


A gloomy day in Dublin 

The castle was just two blocks from the river and very easy to find.


Dublin Castle and the Gates of Fortitude and Justice.  And if you ask me, you don’t really have a gate unless its got a cool name like fortitude or justice.

The inside of the castle was fantastic. My favorite parts were the Waterford crystal chandeliers and the doorknobs.

Afterwards I walked to the Queen of Tarts (my very favorite tea shop) but it was closed because it was a bank holiday. So I wandered around the city looking for another.

I picked up a few souvenirs in Temple Bar and stopped in a whisky shop to ask about single pot whisky for Bob. I never found another tea shop so I strolled back to the hotel.

It was shift change, but the guy who had originally checked me in was still there. He introduced me to the new guy and told me he’d just been telling him I was a “great craic” (best hotel ever, their staff is obviously very observant!) I asked for my bags, they said they’d already taken them up to my room for me.


I love it when I get to a hotel room and the TV has a special “Welcome Sherri Wilson” message! Also, great wall quotes up in the Morrison. 

I was still hoping for tea so I went down to the hotel restaurant.


I’m always down for afternoon tea!

Excellent choice! They had a fantastic afternoon tea!


Why did the colonies have to revolt? Why?!?

I had them wrap up the half of my tea I couldn’t finish and went back up to my room to work on my blog and try to cram my souvenirs into my bag.


Who would ever want to leave this?

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