The Long Road Home

Since I’d used my global upgrades I knew I was going to enjoy the ride home, but I had a fairly tight connection at JFK and then I was going to fly to DC just long enough to repack before my flight to Chicago the next day. My plan began to go off the rails when I received a 5 am text from Delta saying my first flight was going to be delayed 2 hours. I decided it would be worth it to make the call to the diamond desk and rebook my flight from JFK to DC. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of options. I could either fly home at 9:30 pm or take a bus from JFK to LGA and catch a 7:30 flight from there. I decided the more time I had at home the better so I had them rebook me on the flight out of LGA. I was wide awake so I packed up and headed out for the last full Irish of my trip.


I would describe the decor as chic but threatening. I loved it.

I was the first one in the restaurant, and the breakfast was outstanding. I loaded up on sausages and black pudding and had a pot of tea.

Though my flight was going to be late, I decided to go ahead and return my car and head back to the airport. Its a good thing I did! I picked up a few more souvenirs and then started hanging out in the lounge area. I was enjoying some tea when I just happened to notice they were boarding my flight! I hustled through the customs checkpoint and then down to the gate and they were already boarding my flight. I realized we were going to get out on time after all so I decided to pay for another call to the diamond desk to get my original ticket back.

I settled into my lovely flat bed seat and called Delta. They had already given my original seat away but put me on standby for that flight. They closed the cabin door and then we pulled away from the gate and came to a stop where we sat for quite a while. Thankfully, I was already starting on the champagne, scanning the menu, and playing with the seat and not paying much attention.


Couldn’t wait for the chestnut soup and the braised oxtail!

The flight eventually took off, I got my seat in the perfect position for comfortable lounging and fired up the first movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E. It was terrific, two thumbs up!


Signature cocktail and seared tuna. 

Next up was Mission Impossible which was meh.


Gingerbread and butter pudding with black currants with a side of vanilla ice cream and a trip to the gym.

I napped for a little while after that (I blame the gin) and then woke up to watch Sleeping with Other People, which I loved!


Making our final approach and I’m beginning to realize I might not make the connection for my standby flight!

When we finally landed, we sat on the runway for a while. By the time we actually made it to the gate, it would have been impossible but the flight had been delayed until 7:30 so catching it wasn’t a problem but I didn’t know if I should stay at JFK and try to fly standby or take the bus to LGA and be certain of my flight. I called the diamond desk again and they told me the flight was going to be delayed even more and I should go ahead and go to LGA. Along the way I got a notice that the flight was cancelled. I called the diamond desk again and they assured me it wasn’t.

I bought a ticket on the bus to LGA. When it finally arrived and I went out to get on board, it was already packed. I found an empty seat and sat by the window and a young girl from India sat next to me. The bus driver began asking us what airline we were on. I said, “Delta.”


Super crowded on the bus. I was squished up against a window with my overloaded tote on my lap.

The bus pulled up to LGA and began stopping at random terminals. When they stopped at the Delta terminal I started to get off and asked if this was the marine terminal. The bus driver said, “No. You should have told me you wanted that one when you got on. It would have been the first stop. Sit down.” I wasn’t sure what that meant but decided to do what he said.

He stopped a couple more times and then I was the only one left. He pulled up outside a baggage area and opened the door and told me to get off. I asked if it was the marine terminal. He said no but I could catch the bus to that terminal if I waited on the curb for the bus that said Route A. He grabbed my bag, set it next to me and pulled off.


This is not the marine terminal and that is not the Route A bus.

I waited about 15 minutes before I finally saw the Route A bus. It was a 15 minute ride to the Marine Terminal.


Route A bus, which was much less crowded.

When I finally got there I discovered my flight was delayed and wouldn’t be leaving until 8:00. The crew was delayed and we were waiting for them to get there. By the time they finally arrived and we boarded the flight, we were delayed until 8:30. I didn’t actually arrive until well after 9. My beautiful niece Amanda was waiting to pick me up and took me home to unpack/pack my suitcase and then back to my sister’s to stay before the next day’s flight to Chicago. I’d have even had time to sleep except when we got to my sister’s house I realized I’d left my phone at home and had to turn around and go back! Totally worth it by the time I did get back and finish up packing because I was on my way to the #NYEribroast



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  1. Moritz says:

    What a long trip! At least, your flight with Delta looks rather enjoyable! Hope you’ll have a good start into the new year 🙂


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