Vancouver WA So Friendly!

I had a few hours before my train pulled out so I decided to walk around downtown Vancouver and explore the street art. During the course of my walk every single person I passed by said hello. Five of them wished me Merry Christmas and one guy told me I had great hair. I really, really love Vancouver.

On my first visit to Vancouver I discovered a treasure trove of #streetart. It’s chock full of interesting art and a fantastic way to spend a morning! I could see a wall of art from my room at the Hilton so I headed in that direction first.


Bicycling by Jon Stommel

I found a fantastic and whimsical piece of street art (Bicycling by Jon Stommel) tucked away behind my hotel. Next to it was the bridge I could see from my hotel room (I couldn’t find the artist) and the wall of murals which turned out to be the Remembrance Wall for veterans.


Wall of Remembrance by SubM2

Lots of different scenes painted on the Remembrance Wall!


You can find out all about it at (Thanks Clark County Mural Society!)

I turned the corner and headed back to the park. There’s a great statue of Captain George Vancouver and he was all decked out for the holidays!


I walked past the park and then stumbled across Brewery History.


Nice work celebrating the history of brewing in Vancouver from Tamra Pfeifle Davisson. Second place in the 2012 Mural Competition!

Right around the corner from Brewery History was Flying Umbrellas, a really whimsical piece I loved. This is also where some guy told me he loved my hair, which in no way influenced my affection for this piece!


Flying Umbrellas from Jennifer Corio and Dave Frei

I kept walking, received a few Merry Christmas wishes from random citizens, and then found Chlolav’s Landing by Guy Drennan and Lindia Stanton.


I circled back towards the hotel and passed the Farmers Market


2013 first place winner from Travis Czekalski

I ducked behind the Plaid Pantry to take a picture of the Grape Quartet and accidentally discovered Chinook Nation, the 2012 first place winner from Travis Czekalski.


@rathersevere on Instagram. Nice work!

Finally, I headed back into the HIlton to pack up. Next stop the other Vancouver!


I love you, Vancouver!

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