Christmas Eve at the Christmas Market

I was really excited to explore Vancouver so I had a quick breakfast in the lounge and then headed out to see the city. That’s when I learned I wasn’t actually staying in Vancouver. I was in the next city over, which is Burnaby. Luckily the Hilton was only a few blocks from the Skytrain. My first stop was the Vancouver Christmas Market.

The Skytrain stop was literally up in the sky and the elevator was broken. I hiked up the six flights of stairs with all the other Canadians and noticed the train was already there. I hopped on and then got out my map. As we pulled out of the station I discovered I was headed in the wrong direction. Which was a great way to see more of the city!

I got off at the next station and then climbed a few more stairs to get to the opposite platform. The best part of that whole experience was that there wasn’t anyone on the train so I found a seat by a window. It was a thirty minute ride to the Christmas Market, which was near the end of the line.


Easy to find Christmas in Vancouver

When I got off the train, it was a short walk to the Market, but along the way I found an exhibit of Christmas trees and animated window displays at Canada Place.


These were my favorite trees

I strolled along the dock watching everyone take selfies.

Image-1 (1).jpg

Perfect selfie spot

The Christmas Market was just down the street. There was a small cover charge, which seemed odd, but certainly worth it!


Totally locked down, I guess because of the cover charge? Still #worthit

The Vancouver Christmas Market really strives for authenticity! The Gluhwine was perfect.


Oh my God I love hot wine in the winter.

The vendors were selling actual German foods like spatzle and currywurst and schnitzel. I got a handbrot because the sign said it was traditional and I’d never had one before. Also, it was before I saw the spatzle booth. Still, it was a good call! It was hot and delicious, stuffed with ham and cheese and topped with sour cream and green onions.


Even the people selling the handbrots were German

I browsed through the rest of the stalls. Most of them were selling glass ornaments and other things that wouldn’t travel well so I decided to push on.


More hot wine, please!

On my way back to the train station, I noticed a giant pixelated orca. I headed over to check it out and arrived just in time to watch a seaplane taking off!


This is my new favorite piece of art. Thanks, Douglas Copeland!

It was getting a lot colder and the sun appeared to be going down already so I headed back to the Hilton. When the train arrived in Burnaby, I cut through the Mall to warm up and find a few souvenirs. The Metrotown Malls should have been named the Mall of Canada. It’s nearly as big as the Mall of America. There weren’t any souvenir shops and it was Christmas Eve so it was super crowded!

I visited Lush and Sephora and got enough supplies to have a spa night back at the hotel! I walked back, ordered in some room service and called it a night.


Me time!

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